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The JustAnswer story 


In 2003, When our CEO, Andy Kurtzig, and his wife Sara were expecting their first child, they had questions around the clock, but their doctor only had time to answer them during scheduled appointments. Drawing from his entrepreneurial background, Andy built a site that connects people with doctors, lawyers, and other Experts 24/7, and the idea for JustAnswer was born.

About Us 

JustAnswer delivers top-notch professional services affordably and conveniently, 24/7. We're the largest online network of verified Doctors, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Mechanics, and other professionals, offering real-time, personalized guidance. With over 13,000 experts spanning 150 categories, we've assisted 22+ million customers in 196 countries. Count on JustAnswer for accessible 1:1 professional help anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is simple, we want to help people.


What Do Experts Do?

As an Expert on JustAnswer, you can help people while earning money by answering questions online. You’ll be able to use your expertise to help people diagnose their home repair issues and figure out whether they can solve it themselves or need to call in a professional for a home visit. Set your own hours and work anytime, anywhere.




When do I work?

As an independent contractor on JustAnswer, you can work as much or as little as you want to! There are no scheduled shifts. You can make your own hours and work only when you want. The JustAnswer mobile app allows you to answer questions and make extra money in between your scheduled in-home visits.


How much can I earn as an Expert?

You’re your own boss at JustAnswer! You decide how much you bring in depending on the volume of questions you choose to answer. 


How do I answer questions on JustAnswer?

  1. Customers post questions to the JustAnswer platform.
  2. Experts review, select, and answer questions based on their particular specialty.
  3. Experts respond via chat, call, or text to the customer.


Requirements to apply

A state or nationally-recognized industry license and 2 years of experience 


JustAnswer needs Home Improvement Experts, especially in these specialties: 

  • Licensed electricians 
  • Licensed plumbers 
  • Small engine repair 
  • Small appliance repair 
  • Pool and spa maintenance and repair 
  • Sewing machine repair 
  • Appliance repair, especially 
    • Ovens, cooktops and ranges 
    • Washers & dryers
    • Refrigerators 


What Home Improvement Experts are saying about JustAnswer 


  "I found JustAnswer when I was looking to make some side income... it really helped to make some supplementary income during that time, and I have kept with it even after business is booming again! I feel it provides a great service to homeowners as well as keeps all of us sharp working on things that we normally wouldn't work on in our day-to-day business."
Mark B., HVAC Technician since 2010



  I love this job for all the obvious reasons. I love helping people and the flexibility of the job is great too. I started almost 10 years ago working on the site part time. 
Canuckthepro, HVAC Technician since 2010


If you have questions about applying to be an Expert on JustAnswer, please contact



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