Guide to answering your first questions (Video)

Take a look at where to find available questions and how to provide high-quality answers that will keep bringing customers back to you!



Where to find questions

You can find questions in your category on the Request Center:​​


How to reply to a customer

When you click on the question it will open the customer's full question, you may click on the "Respond to this question link" to open the reply box.



What does locking a question mean?

When you “lock” the question no other Expert can respond as long as the lock is active. ​



Unlocking questions

If you can't respond to a question, you can click “Unlock” to release it to back the Request Center.​

If your lock expires, the question will open back up on Request Center to other Experts.​



Information Request (IR) vs Answer

An Information Request means that you are requesting more information from your customer in order to help answer their question.​

Simply respond in the chat box and click send. This is not considered an answer, so you wouldn't want to mark it as such.​


An answer is when you have provided the customer with useful information to solve their situation. You would check, "Completed" and hit send. You only need to do this once. 

This also indicates to the site that your answer is ready to be reviewed for payout value. This does not prevent you or the customer from continuing the conversation further.



Opting out

Opting out is when you have started to engage with a customer and for various reasons, you need to discontinue and let another Expert answer their question.​

The opt out link can be found in the top left corner of the customer question in the Expert Request Center.​


Reasons to opt out of a question

  1. If you engage with a customer and they mention they worked with a previous Expert and were hoping to continue with them, out of professional courtesy, you'd let them know will you'll opt-out so that the previous Expert may be able to help them.
  2. If you start working with the customer and as you are going back and forth, you are unable to provide an answer to them. Before opting out, let the customer know you can't help them further and another Expert will be able to assist them. 
  3. You start working with the customer and discover that their question is miscategorized. You must opt out before sending this question to the correct category or the correct Expert won't be able to engage.

Reasons to not opt out of a question

  1. When the customer doesn't respond. (You are welcome to give a general answer based on the information you do have)
  2. If you are leaving the site for the night/weekend or on vacation. If you have not answered within a certain timeframe, the customer can choose to opt-out so another Expert can assist them, therefore you do not need to opt-out for these instances. 


What is quality?

Quality is the degree to which an object or entity (e.g., process, product, or service) satisfies a specified set of attributes or requirements. ​

Being a quality Expert does not only involve providing answers, but also providing courteous and attentive customer service. ​

Why is quality so important?

  • Instills trust with customers so they are most likely to engage with you again.
  • Ensures that all customers are treated equally with compassion, friendliness, and effort. ​
  • Provides all customers with high quality & helpful answers and customer experience.​
  • Encourages customers to return and spread good reviews of Experts! ​


5 tips on delivering a high-quality experience


1. Greeting

Always take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome the customer to the site.​


(Customer view)

2. Read

Carefully read the customer's question to ensure you know what the customer's needs are.​

It is important to understand the problem in order to provide the best answer.


3. Ask

Ask helpful questions with an information request (IR) to make sure you have all the details you need to provide the best answer you can.​

Sometimes customers initially forget to add all the details. By taking time to clarify, you are also setting the tone for the customer to engage with you. ​


(Customer view)

4. Answer

Make sure you provide all customers with an answer.​

Customers continuously return to JustAnswer to receive high quality answers from trusted professionals.​

Explain your answer in laymen's terms and ensure it is easy to understand.​ Include any links, or diagrams that may help the customer.​

Try to be understanding if the customer becomes confused or unsure. You can turn it around by being friendly and offering additional help. ​


(Customer view)

5. Finishing touches

Follow-up with customers to make sure you have met their needs. ​


(Customer view)


Your first 10 questions 

From the Request Center, follow the orange buttons to guide you through your first 10 questions. 



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Click here to start answering your first 10 questions!

Your success is our success.

Thank you for joining! 

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