Set up your Expert Profile and Mini-Profile(s)

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One of the first things you want to do is set up your profile page. Customers see your profile before they have the chance to meet you, so this is your opportunity to create a positive first impression.







How to set up your Expert Profile on JustAnswer

1. Log into

2. Select your Expert username in the upper right-hand corner of the request page

3. Select "Account" from the pop-up list     




4. Click on "Edit Profile" from your account page



5. Edit your profile information




6. The first section of your profile is confidential. No customer or other Expert will have access to this information.

  • Create a Public Profile name for your customers to view.
    • This name appears as part of your profile page link. Avoid spaces. 
    • Examples: DoctorNormSmitt, MCheng, and MFreemanCPA



7. Strengthen your profile with work history, education, license, and experience.

We'll use this information to fill your customer-facing profile. To protect your privacy, we do not share your current employer. All other work-related fields are public.

  • Current Job Title
    • Examples: Doctor of Ophthalmology, ASE-Certified Mechanic, and Information System Manager.
  • Work History
    • Summarize your work experience in a short and descriptive phrase.
    • Examples: "14 years of practicing immigration law", "5 years working in an automotive garage", and "12 years as a CPA".
  • Hobbies, Volunteering, & Other Skills
    • Examples: fishing, hiking, playing the violin, or volunteering



8. You can customize notifications and login settings on your profile.



9. Leave a lasting impression with a customized signature



10. Upload a clear and professional profile picture of yourself

  • A profile picture provides the customer with a face to your name and helps personalize their experience with you.


  • Portrait style orientation
  • High-quality resolution
  • Up-to-date and professional
  • Licensed stock-image ok to use
  • An exact square and at least 500 x 500 pixels in dimensions



11. Your birthday is not required if you do not wish to disclose it. However, you must agree to the Terms of Service and the Expert Agreement by clicking the checkbox.

12. Click "Update Profile" and you are all done!



How to set up your Mini-Profile(s)

Why are there two types of profiles? Main profiles contain all your essential Expert information and the mini-profiles contain category-specific information. You can have one mini-profile for each category to which you have been admitted.


1. Log into

2. Select your Expert username in the upper right-hand corner of the Request Center page

3. Select "Account" from the pop-up list




4. Click on "edit Mini-Profile" from your account page

5. Click on the "edit" link next to your category on the Mini Profiles page




6. Fill in your View Name, Title, and Qualifications

  • View Name
    • Examples: Melissa C Esq., Ross M.D., and AutoTechPro
  • Title: This will appear after your view name
    • Examples: Boat Mechanic, Attorney, and Pediatrition
  • Qualification
    • Examples: "15 years as a HVAC technician", MD in Pediatrics with 10 years' experience in emergency care for infants and toddlers", and "Honda Platinum Certified mechanic with 8+ years of experience"



7. You may type a short greeting which can be used when responding to customers. Once you've entered your greeting, please contact support and we will turn it on for you. 

8. Finish by clicking "Submit Profile"



9. Review your Main-Profile and click "Accept"



Congratulations on editing your main profile and your first mini-profile! Your customers will appreciate the time you invested to show them who you are and how eager you are to assist them.


How the customer views your profile information

This is how your profile information appears to customers.



This is how your mini-profile information appears on the site.



This is how your Expert profile and Mini-profile(s) information appears when customers receive a response on the site.



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