Policy on customers' follow-up questions

By Victoria-ESA |

If a customer is asking totally new, unrelated questions on a question thread that has been answered, then you can politely let them know that the site requires a new question page for new, unrelated questions, and they can request you if they wish. 

Customers can ask follow-up questions related to and triggered by the original, and that should be on the same page, not a new page. That doesn't mean they should drag it out for days or weeks. You can use the Additional Services offer for More Q&A Time, but it still should be about the original issue or related follow-ups. moreq_a.png

If a customer is having questions regarding the site policies or they are having any site related issues, they need Customer Service assistance. You can give them this link: where they can chat, call, or send a support request. Or they can email directly to

Just let them know that you're a site user like them, but that JustAnswer Customer Service will be happy to assist them.

If you prefer, you can use the customer report to alert Customer Service department with a request to assist the customer.

Questions?  Feel free to "Submit a Request" to Expert Support using the button on the top of the Expert Help Center pages or directly by clicking here. Thank you!

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