New Payment Model - Car Category - January 1, 2019

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New Payment Model

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 



  • When will the new Payment Model start? 
    • January 1, 2019 
  • Who will it affect? 
    • Experts in the Car Master Category (including Boat, Heavy Equipment, and Agriculture Farm Equipment) on the .com site.


New Model 

  • How will Experts be paid?
    • Experts will be paid per question based on a tier. The tier is set by a Quality Score.
  • How is the new Payment Model calculated? 
    • Answer Rate x Quality Rating = Quality Score 
  • What is Answer Rate? 
    • The percentage of questions marked "Completed" by the Expert, attempted to answer by the Expert and confirmed by the 3rd party Review Board. 
  • What is Quality Rating? 
    • The average score of all the ratings. Ratings are out of 5 points (1-5). 
  • What is the Quality Score? 
    • It is the number that equates to a pricing tier to give the Expert a per question payout amount. 
  • What days of the week are questions paid with the tiered pricing? 
    • Questions answered & attempted from Monday - Sunday 
  • What days will questions be reviewed? 
    • Questions answered & attempted from Friday - Thursday  
  • When do the tiers reset? 
    • They reset every Monday. 


Who Reviews Questions 

  • Who determines the Answer Rate? 
    • An independent 3rd party Review Board (JA does not determine the rating or otherwise oversee how each individual question is rated). 
  • Which questions will be reviewed by an independent 3rd party QA Review Board? 
    • Questions marked "Completed"
    • Questions with an IR (inquiry reply) and a customer response that have been closed after 7 days
  • What are questions closed?
    • Closed is defined as 7 days has passed since the last non-moderator post
  • What does the independent 3rd party QA Review Board look for? 
    • Was an Answer provided or attempted to answer. 
  • Who determines the Quality Rate?
    • A Systematic Algorithm Review.
  • What does the Systematic Algorithm look for?
    • Positive Tone
    • Good communication skills
    • Timely follow-up
  • Will questions with an IR but no customer response be reviewed?  
    • They will not, and they will not be included in calculating the Answer


Which questions are paid vs. not paid 

  • Which questions are paid for? 
    • Experts are paid for every question answered and every question that includes an IR and a customer response.
  • What are some examples of paid work? 
    • Expert IRs with customer response.

    • Expert Answer with customer response.

    • Expert Answer with no customer response.

  • What are some examples of not paid work? 
    • Expert IR with no customer response.
  • How do you differentiate between Expert Answer and no customer response vs. Expert IR and no customer response?  
    • The Expert will mark the question "Completed" or the independent 3d party Review Board will determine if an Answer was provided or not. 


How do Opt-outs work? 

    • If you feel the customer accidentally opted you out, please contact a category moderator or Expert Support to address,
  • The volume of opt-outs will be tracked.


Premium Services, Stales, Customer Tips, and Refunds 

  • Are there changes to Premium Services payments? 
    • Yes, Premium Services questions will pay the Tier payout and the Premium Service bonus (the bonus remains the same as in the past).
  • Are there changes to Stales? 
    • Yes, the Stale program will be paused.
  • Are there changes to Customer Tips? 
    • No, Customer Tips remain the same. 
  • Are there changes to Refunds? 
    • Yes, refunds for non-Premium Services will not be taken out of Expert’s pay. Refunds from Premium Services remain the same. 


2018 vs 2019 questions

  • 2018 questions that are answered in 2019 will be paid on the old Payment Model. 


How to earn more 

  • How do Experts move up tiers? 
    • Increase the Answer Rate and Quality Rating
  • How do Experts increase their Answer Rate? 
    • Select Questions they can answer
    • Answer every question they pick up and check the box "Completed"
  • How do Experts increase their Quality Rate?
    • Have a pleasant tone
    • Seek for clarification from the Customer instead of assuming
    • Show empathy in the communication
    • Have a positive interaction even if the customer doesn't reciprocate.


Customer Ratings 

  • Will customers still rate? 
    • Yes, but it will not be tied to Expert’s payout, meaning, Experts will still get paid out even if they get rated a 1 or 2 star for a question. The quality of the interaction will still be reviewed.  


What's changed in the Request Center (RC)

  • Dashboard Metrics
    • The banner displaying the current metrics will be updated weekly to show Expert's Answer Rate, Quality Rate, Quality Score, Tier, and Payout per question. 
  • Earnings Report
    • Since customer ratings won’t affect payment, the Earnings Report in the RC will not display any information.
  • My Request Page
    • This page will still be available and Experts can use it to have a running total of how many questions they answered and attempted to answer.



  • If I have questions about the new Payment Model, who do I reach out to? 
    • Submit a ticket to Expert Support - 
  • If I have questions about my pay, who do I reach out to? 
    • Submit a ticket to Expert Support - 



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