New Payment Model - Car Category - January 1, 2019

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New Payment Model

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 



  • When will the new Payment Model start? 
    • January 1, 2019 
  • Who will it affect? 
    • Experts in the Car Master Category (including Boat, Heavy Equipment, and Agriculture Farm Equipment) on the .com site.


New Model 

  • How will Experts be paid?
    • Experts will be paid per question based on a tier. The tier is set by a Quality Score.
  • How is the new Payment Model calculated? 
    • Answer Rate x Quality Rating = Quality Score 
  • What is Answer Rate? 
    • The percentage of questions answered confirmed by the 3rd party review
  • What is Quality Rating? 
    • The average score of all the ratings. Ratings are out of 5 points (1-5). 
  • What is the Quality Score? 
    • It is the number that equates to a pricing tier to give the Expert a per question payout amount. 
  • What days of the week are questions paid with the tiered pricing? 
    • Questions answered & attempted from Monday - Sunday 
  • What days will questions be reviewed? 
    • Questions answered & attempted Friday (10 days before the tier email) - Thursday (4 days before the tier email) 
  • When do the tiers reset? 
    • They reset every Monday. 


Who Reviews Questions 

  • Who determines the Answer Rate? 
    • An independent 3rd party Review Board (JA does not determine the rating or otherwise oversee how each individual question is rated). 
  • Which questions will be reviewed by an independent 3rd party QA Review Board? 
    • Questions marked "Completed"
    • Questions with an IR (inquiry reply) and a customer response that have been closed after 7 days
  • What are questions closed?
    • Closed is defined as 7 days passed since the last non-moderator post
  • What does the independent 3rd party QA Review Board look for? 
    • Was an Answer provided or attempted to answer. 
  • Who determines the Quality Rate?
    • A Systematic Algorithm Review.
  • What does the Systematic Algorithm look for?
    • Positive Tone
    • Good communication skills
    • Timely follow-up (How well the Expert is managing expectations)
  • Will questions with an IR but no customer response be reviewed?  
    • They will not, and they will not be included in calculating the Answer Rate


Which questions are paid vs. not paid 

  • Which questions are paid for? 
    • Experts are paid for every question answered and every question that includes an IR and a customer response.
  • What are some examples of paid work? 
    • Experts IRs with customer response.
    • Expert Answer with customer response.
    • Expert Answer with no customer response. 
  • What are some examples of not paid work? 
    • Expert IR with no customer response.
  • How do you differentiate between Expert Answer and no customer response vs. Expert IR and no customer response?  
    • The Expert will mark the question "Completed" or the independent 3d party Review Board will determine if an Answer was provided or not. 


How do Opt-outs work? 

    • If you feel the customer accidentally opted you out, please contact a category moderator or Expert Support to address.
  • The volume of opt-outs will be tracked.


Premium Services, Stales, Customer Tips, and Refunds 

  • Are there changes to Premium Services payments? 
    • Yes, Premium Services questions will pay the Tier payout and the Premium Service payment (the payment remains the same as in the past).
  • Are there changes to Stales? 
    • Yes, the Stale program will be paused.
  • Are there changes to Customer Tips? 
    • No, Customer Tips remain the same. 
  • Are there changes to Refunds? 
    • Yes, refunds for non-Premium Services will not be taken out of Expert’s pay. Refunds from Premium Services remain the same. 


2018 vs 2019 questions

  • 2018 questions that are answered in 2019 will be paid on the old Payment Model. 


Low volume or part-time Experts

  • For part-time Experts, Experts with lower volume, or if an Expert takes some time off, the Payment Model will use the ratings of the most recent 50 questions answered, and attempted to answer (as far back as November 30, 2018), to calculate the Quality Score. 


How to earn more 

  • How do Experts move up tiers? 
    • Increase the Answer Rate and Quality Rating
    • Increasing tiers

      • To help increase tiers, use friendly, compassionate, and empathetic replies. Many answers are great and well thought-out. Adding some personalization, friendly comments with empathy and compassion will help. Customers cannot see smiling faces or shake hands, so we have to "show" them through words that we are friendly and trustworthy.


      • "Hey, sorry to hear you are having these problems with your 1999 Chevy s-10. I know that can be frustrating. Hopefully, we can get you back on the road quickly."  
      • "That sounds like a nice ride you have there, let's see what we can do about getting you back on the road today!"
      • "Man, I am sorry the dealership took advantage of you like that. If you could give me a little more information about your car, I can see what I can do to help you get some more information on repairs." 
  • How do Experts increase their Answer Rate? 
    • Select Questions they can answer
    • Answer every question picked up and check the box "Completed" for it to be reviewed
      • If an Expert is waiting for a customer to reply back with more information, and the customer never did within 7 days, it's ok to provide a general answer given the limited information at hand.
        • Example: "Without the information requested in my first/previous response, I can only give you a general answer, but I hope this helps." (provide a general answer and then mark the completed box).
  • How do Experts increase their Quality Rate?
    • Have a pleasant tone
    • Seek clarification from the Customer instead of assuming
    • Show empathy in the communication
    • Have a positive interaction even if the customer doesn't reciprocate.





Customer Ratings/Questions

  • Will customers still rate? 
    • Yes, but it will not be tied to Expert’s payout, meaning, Experts will still get paid even if they get rated a 1 or 2 star for a question. The quality of the interaction will still be reviewed.  
  • A customer asks questions about their $5 deposit, JustAnswer, or the site.
    • Per site policy, Experts should not discuss payment or the customer's account with them. Some customers are paying a $5 deposit, but since site user account information is private, Experts cannot see the details of the account and should not attempt to assist customers in this way.
      • Instead, feel free to say, "I am a site user like you and I cannot see your account details or information, but Customer Service is happy to assist you. You can contact them here:  or when we're done, I am happy to alert them that you would like some assistance with your account or payment question."


Discrepancies in the tier and earnings report

  • Earnings report does not include all the questions
    • While Experts do not have to mark a question completed if it's in progress, if it's not marked completed, it will have to time out (7 days after the Expert's last action) before it's sent to be reviewed and paid. There may be some questions that lag from one week into the next. Experts will be paid if they IR'd a question, and if the customer replied at least once, but if it's still in progress, it will be a little bit longer before it's on the earnings report.
  • Answer rate is lower than it should be.
    • If Experts didn't have 50 questions reviewed per week, their Quality Score will include 50 of the most recent questions reviewed. Also, questions need to be marked completed and/or reviewed before the end of the review period to be included in the metrics.
  • Why didn't I get a tier report/? What tier am I in?
    • If you didn't receive a tier report, it's because there weren't 50 questions reviewed to calculate your tier. Your tier will be 10 which pays $10/question.


What's changed in the Request Center (RC)

  • Dashboard Metrics
    • New Tiers will be updated in the Request Center every Sunday at 4:10 (PST). Experts will see their Answer Rate, Quality Rate, Quality Score, Tier, and Payout per question for the week. 
  • Earnings Report
  • My Request Page
    • This page will still be available and Experts can use it to have a running total of how many questions they answered and attempted to answer.


Native Mobile App

  • JustAnswer is working on updating the native mobile app to reflect the new Payment Model changes. Experts may temporarily see pricing per question, please disregard. 


First Payment in February:

  • The first payment in February for January earnings will not include earnings from Monday, January 28 - Thursday, January 31. Those will be included on the first earnings report received in February and in the February totals.



  • If I have questions about the new Payment Model, who do I reach out to? 
    • Submit a ticket to Expert Support - 
  • If I have questions about my pay, who do I reach out to? 
    • Submit a ticket to Expert Support - 



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    Hi TellNoL437, thank you for your question. For part-time Experts, Experts with lower volume, or if an Expert takes some time off, the Payment Model will always use the metrics of the most recent 50 questions answered, and attempted to answer, to calculate the Quality Score. We hope this provides some clarification. Thank you.