[RV ONLY] It's Peak Time!

By Anh Nguyen |

UPDATE 8/23/2018:

We have an exciting peak time addition for RV questions! The current $5 per responded RV question under 60 minutes will still apply, but for Mondays - Thursdays, until 09/03.

NEW - $10 will apply per responded RV question under 60 minutes from 08/24-08/26 & 08/31-09/02!


  • $10 per responded RV question under 60 minutes  from 
    08/24-08/26 & 08/31-09/02!
  • $5 per responded RV question under 60 minutes  Mondays - Thursdays, until 09/03!

Our goal at JustAnswer is to provide customers with fast, quality Expert service at all hours of the day. When demand from customers is greater than available Experts, we want to encourage Experts to come online and help waiting customers. Starting on August 6th, we will have Peak Time in the RV category where RV Experts can earn an additional $5 for every Peak Time question responded to within the first 60 minutes.

How does it work? 

Every day from 08/06 - 09/03 (4 weeks!), you will notice questions on the Request Center with purple payout values. When you respond to a purple question within the first 60 minutes, you will earn $5 on top of the shown payout value regardless of if you receive a positive rating on the Q&A (Note: Your response must be a legitimate IR). 

The additional payout will be added to your total payout at the end of August (for 08/06 - 08/31) and September (for 09/01 - 09/03).

How do I find Peak Time questions? 

Peak Time questions are found on the Request Center with purple payout values. If you respond to a Peak Time question within the first 60 minutes, you will be credited for the additional payout for that question. You will still earn the regular payout for that question when the customer gives you a positive rating.

Peak Time
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When does Peak Time start and end? 

For this, Peak Time for RV questions will be daily from 08/06/18 - 09/03/18. 

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