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By Anh Nguyen |

As an Expert on JustAnswer, you’re no stranger to resolving customer issues online. Depending on your area of expertise, you might’ve had varying degrees of success with providing instructions via written steps and guidelines. You also have leveraged phone conversations to get your customers on the right track.

Sometimes words, whether written or spoken, just aren’t enough to get the job done. Luckily, there is another tool at your disposal that may just help bridge the gap between your customers and the solutions they’re seeking: Images.

Uploading images as supporting material will provide an additional dimension for your answers, among other advantages. And given how easy it is to add pictures to your conversations, it’s well worth the effort!

Steps for adding images to Q&A conversations

To upload an image:

  • Click on the paperclip icon on the toolbar above your reply textbox. This should produce the following window:

  • Once the above window appears, you can paste the Image URL into the top field. If you wish to upload an image that is on your computer, click the icon to the right of the field instead. This should produce the following window:

  • After either inputting the URL or choosing the correct file and hitting OK, be sure to put the image alt text into the Image Description. Alt text is a quick description of what is in the image, including the main keyword. So for example:

 If the subject is “giving a public speech”, the alt text for this picture could be: Uniformed man on the verge of giving a public speech.

  • Once you’ve filled in the Image Description field, hit the Insert button to add the selected image to your response.
  • Be sure to Save Changes in order to avoid losing the added image. 
  • Some pictures will be self explanatory, but you might find that an image needs some description or context in order to be useful to the customer and other readers. Captions are a way to explain or provide commentary on the contents of your image. To add captions to an image, simply write an italicized line underneath it.

Why adding images is a good idea

One of the challenges of providing assistance online is that there can sometimes be a disconnect between what you are saying and what the customer is interpreting. Being able to simply point at something with an answer is a valuable part of in-person advice that is often taken for granted. When you’re not capable of being in the same physical location, even basic visual aids can make a big difference.

Helpful images can provide peace of mind to customers attempting their own troubleshooting, and overall they’re an effective tool for aiding comprehension. On the other side of the spectrum, as an Expert you will be able to more effectively ease customer concerns and provide instructions, making it less likely that they end up going elsewhere for the guidance they need.

Remotely guided troubleshooting can be a challenge, but using images can help you level the playing field. More importantly, it helps you leave customers with a better experience – one that might just bring them back in the future.

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