Week in Review - April 20, 2018

By Anh Nguyen |
Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, highlight the week's outstanding Experts, and preview the week ahead.
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Join Anh, Joel, and Lori of the Expert Ops team for office hours on Tuesday, April 24 from 12PM-2PM PST! We will be taking questions about new Membership-Only model. If you haven't already, click here to read the announcement about Membership-Only >>

The thread will be opened for you to ask questions at the start of office hours and we will do our best to get to as many as we can. If you can't attend office hours live or would like to ask your question anonymously, please send them beforehand to We will send a reminder next week.

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Quick and Easy Tip: Giving Customers Options

When you give options, customers feel empowered. It tells them you care, but that you are not bossing them around. Remember that they do not know you and all they see are your words - not your expressions or facial features - so they have no way of determining what you think. In the case of repair or replace, tell them what the repair will cost and what simply replacing the item would cost and let them choose what they want to do. Remember: you do not know them or their personal situation so do not assume anything.
There will be some occasion when the answer you give is not what the customers “want to hear.”  Not all customer interactions end up with a harmonious outcome. There will be answers that are what we term as “bad news.” Properly delivered, an honest answer will get the answer a positive rating. It is how you deliver the “bad news” answer that counts in these situations. If the answer is unfortunate, then state it as such, with a profound amount of compassion. Your honesty will be appreciated by the customers in the form of positive ratings. 

NEW CALL: Summarize 30 of Your Own Questions and Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card

In any good book, you have an inviting title, a strong opening, and a satisfying conclusion. We like to think that every question asked on JustAnswer is its own little book, but not all have the same ingredients to make a good book. And this is where we’d like to ask for your help!

Normally, JustAnswer's Content team helps review the content on question pages after they are published to best extract highlights to capture the visitor’s attention. We would like to give select Experts the opportunity to help review content from your own questions and see what results we get. What does this mean? We’d like to work with 3 Experts to review 30 of your recent questions in each of the following categories:

  • Medical
  • Pets and Veterinary
  • Computer and Consumer Electronics
  • Home Improvement (Appliance, HVAC, etc.)

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JustAmazing Experience
Please join us in congratulating this week's JustAmazing Experience recipient: Lev (levr)! As the executor of his father's estate, a customer came to JustAnswer looking for help to navigate through tax filings. Lev quickly responded to the customer, provided instant value with links to necessary documents, and followed up with a lengthy explanation. At the end of the exchange, the customer had this to say about his experience:

"Lev provided a detailed answer to my question including links to forms, official instructions and addresses. Lev is a great resource and helpful individual. I am very grateful for his assistance."

Congrats, Lev!

Click here to view Lev's conversation >>

JustAmazing Experience Program: Every day, Experts on JustAnswer work hard to consistently deliver the best experiences to customers who are looking for Expert help. Somewhere between a friendly greeting to a complete answer, Experts are doing some amazing things to show that they care. The JustAmazing Experience program is our way to show how grateful we are to those who are going above and beyond for customers. Each week, we will recognize and award one Expert who exemplifies the service excellence that we strive for with a $50 Amazon gift card.
This Week's Top Performers
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from ALL Customers
Expert Category Trending
1. DMWEsq Law +9 (Last week: 10)
2. levr Tax +2 (Last week: 4)
3. bkb1956 Tax +9 (Last week: 12)
4. rarewares Appraisals -3 (Last week: 1)
5. md20/20 Appliance -2 (Last week: 3)
Most 5-Star Ratings Received from Members
Expert Category Trending
1. levr Tax +2 (Last week: 3)
2. bkb1956 Tax +3 (Last week: 5)
3. rarewares Appraisals -2 (Last week: 1)
4. PaulmoJD Law -2 (Last week: 2)
5. DMWEsq Law +11 (Last week: 16)
Most Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less
Expert Category Trending
1. RichieMe Tech -- (Last week: 1)
2. levr Tax +1 (Last week: 3)
3. bkb1956 Tax -1 (Last week: 2)
4. DMWEsq Law +15 (Last week: 19)
5. md20/20 Appliance +3 (Last week: 8)
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