Introducing Membership-Only

By Anh Nguyen |

Hi Experts! 

I have some exciting news to share with you. We have been testing a membership-only business model that: 

  • drives more questions to the site
  • reduces refunds 
  • increases positive ratings 

We will begin rolling this model out in phases, starting Wednesday, 4/18

The membership model 

We are offering customers a membership-only model with a $5 trial period followed by a recurring monthly fee after the 7-day trial. Both prices are clearly displayed to customers before they buy. As the name states, customers who are a part of the membership-only model will only be offered a membership option when posting their first question. Since we started testing this model, our research shows that customers are happier with their Expert experience and the JustAnswer service.

What this means for you 

Even though customers are only paying $5 for a 7-day trial, your earnings should remain relatively even. The payout value you see per question may change as we roll out this model; however, our tests have shown that the accept rate typically goes up significantly as more customers view their answers and rate them positively as a byproduct of a $5 starting-price point. You will continue to earn the question payout value that you see on the Request Center. In the end, your earnings should remain flat compared to the pay-per-question model.  

The question payout values may go up or down slightly as we continue the rollout, but our goal is to keep your earnings stable while we improve the customer experience and, ultimately, drive more questions to the site via this new model.  

The potential 

From what we’ve learned so far, customers who opted into this membership model are more likely to ask additional questions and rate positively. A $5 price point is extremely compelling for customers and will allow us to drive more business to the site in the coming months. This means you should receive more questions and earn more money overall.  

This is a big step for JustAnswer and for the Expert community. We've always believed that our success is your success and are excited for the direction we're headed together. As always, please reach out with any questions.  


Anh Nguyen
JustAnswer Expert Ops

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    canuck the pro

    Loving how JA improves constantly! This is great!