TEST: New Price Points for Auto Phone Call

By Anh Nguyen |

UPDATE: This test has ended on 12/30/2016.

The Auto Phone Call offer has been a popular feature for both customers and Experts since we launched it over a year ago. For customers, it is an opportunity to get additional help from Experts. For Experts, it is an opportunity to earn more for the same question and it lets us do the upselling for you.

Starting on Dec. 9th, we will test customer demand for Auto Phone Calls by offering them at different price points. We will also make the phone call offer before a customer views your first response. Previously, the offer appeared for customers after your first response AND the customer's first response. The goal of this test is to see if demand for Auto Phone Calls increases by making the offer earlier and at price points for customers of different price levels.

We plan to run this test for roughly 2 weeks days and will let you know once it ends. During the test, you will see the same modal as before when your customer makes an Auto Phone Call request. On the modal, you will see the amount you will earn for accepting and fulfilling the request. The rest of your workflow remains the same. Please refer to the FAQ section for Auto Phone Calls if you have questions about how it works.

If you have additional questions, please contact Expert Support.

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    Good evening all,

    While I am certain that an $18 dollar phone call from an attorney (or similarly educated/seasoned Professional) where the customer can easily spend 30 or 40 minutes getting the information they want/paid for may seem exceedingly wonderful to the customer, though for the Expert who makes a mere $9 from the arrangement, the deal is something seriously south of "exceedingly wonderful", in my humble opinion.

    There ought to be a price point that reasonably rewards the Expert for their time and yet still brings in the customer. I'd be happy to share my experiences of offering calls to customers and the successes that I have, time and time again----which seemingly ends with a happy customer, if the powers that be are interested.

    May you all have a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year,


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    Hi Anh,

    good work, but does this apply to the tech categories as well? Personally I´d say that it would make more sense to offer a remote-assistance for the categories where it makes sense (Computer, Software, Email, etc.) instead. Auto-Calls would be fine for almost any other category for sure.

    Just wondering...

    Merry Christmas,


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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Doug, thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback. One of the learnings of this test is to gauge customer demand at different price points and then we will look to see how to we can fairly compensated Experts for fulfilling requests at all price points. We will keep you posted.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Lorenz, thanks for your feedback. Yes, this test affects Tech categories but NOT Computer-related categories. Computer-related questions are offered the Auto Secure Remote Assistance instead. You can learn more about that here:

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    Hi Anh. Yes, I know they are being offered there, just was wondering if you are changing that, but saw the new price points on remote-assistances as well (and like the new price! Hope it stays like that, as these assistances can easily take 1 to 2 hours and that new price I saw would be fair for that amount of work).

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Lorenz, yes, the test you are referring to is here: