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The Expert community is one of JustAnswer's greatest strengths. Together, we've been able to achieve new milestones in median response time and average Member rating.

We need your help to continue the amazing progress and achieve an even more aggressive goal of surpassing 4.60 rating for ALL customers by the end of the year. The holidays is often a hectic time for many and it's no different for the tens of thousands of customers looking for Expert help.

As we head into the last month of the year, we want to help where we can. Our team is on deck to share one-on-one insights, data, and suggestions on how you can consistently deliver great experiences based on customer feedback. Feel free to contact the high-five team member for your main category if you need any assistance.

Lori Jones
Law, Antiques/General
Maria Castillo
Cars, Home Improvement, Tax/Business
Manaz Mostamandy
Medical, Pets
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