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The Expert community is one of JustAnswer's greatest strengths. Every day, Experts help thousands of customers with challenging problems and do so with care and professionalism. To show our gratitude, we are dedicating the next three weeks to YOU! We will share thank you messages from customers, the teams at JustAnswer, and your fellow Experts. We will also recognize and reward all Experts who demonstrate an ability to consistently deliver amazing customer experiences. Click here to see how you can earn weekly prizes!

What's on deck:

This page will be updated daily with new customer reviews, thank you messages, and gift card winners so don't forget to bookmark!

Week 1: Thanks from Customers

Customers are excited to share their experiences with Experts by leaving glowing reviews on JustAnswer and third party review websites. From November 13-19, we will share customer reviews with individual Experts and highlight some of our favorite ones here on this page. We will also give out Amazon gift cards to a few favorites.

Amazon Gift Card Winners:

Congrats to Greg A. (MCVGreg)!

Ms. Hatts, a customer on JustAnswer, needed some extra help to set up her Garmin GPS. She connected with Greg A. and he walked her through the installation process on the phone and provided relevant resources. In the end, Ms. Hatts has this to say:

Congrats to Sam V. (woody463)!

Marv, a customer on JustAnswer, had a problem with a noisy Kitchenaid refrigerator and a local service tech could not help. Marv went on JustAnswer and connected with Sam V., who walked Marv through several diagnostic steps to troubleshoot the problem. Marv has this to share about his experience with Sam:

Congrats to Anna (MsAM)!

Aquino, a customer on JustAnswer, found it difficult to find an Expert who is knowledgeable with turtles specifically her turtle, a Leopard Turtle. Aqumo went on JustAnswer and was connected with Anna. They corresponded via chat until Aquino asked to speak to on the phone. Although Anna could not take the call at the time, she asked another Expert, Joan (Jav917), to take the phone request. Together, Anna and Joan were able to provide a wealth of information specifically for Aquino's leopard turtle. Here is what Aquino had to share about her experience:

Congrats to Dr. Caplan (DrCaptain)!

Will, a customer on JustAnswer, was looking for information on a neurology topic and used his membership to post a question to the Medical Expert community. Will connected with Dr. Caplan and both continued to correspond for two days as Dr. Caplan provided Will with in-depth information. Here is what Will had to say about his experience:

Congratulations to the following Experts for hitting milestones during Thanks from Customers week!

Week 2: Thanks from JustAnswer

Did you know many of the staff at JustAnswer are avid users of the site? From November 20-26, we will ask some of the team members at JustAnswer to share their favorite stories and experiences with Experts. We will share these video messages here and a few staff favorite Experts will earn Amazon gift cards. You can also subscribe to the playlist by clicking here.

Allison Bucchere, Head of User Experience

Josh Tretakoff, Sr. Director of Customer Loyalty

Monica Mora, Country Manager

Ollie Ongpin, Product Manager

Nina Samarguliani, Director of User Experience

Vlad Mysla, Sr. Software Engineer

Manaz Mostamandy, Expert Recruiter

Kari Novatney, VP of Expert Operations

Congratulations to the following Experts for hitting milestones during Thanks from JustAnswer week!

Week 3: Thanks from Each Other

The Expert community is strong because of Experts have the willingness to help each other. From November 27-December 3, we will share thank you messages from Experts, to Experts. If you'd like to recognize and thank those in the community who made a positive impact to you, send your message to Please include the username of the Expert you want to thank and a sentence or two of how this Expert has helped you.

Wall of Community Thanks:

Congratulations to the following Experts for hitting milestones during Thanks from Each Other week!


You will have an opportunity to earn weekly rewards based on the number of 5-star ratings received and Member questions responded to in 30 minutes or less. Each week, there are 5-star rating and Member response speed milestones that you can hit and you will earn the prize(s) for the milestone that you reach for each. For example, if you earned 50 5-star ratings and responded to 30 Member questions in under 30 minutes for the week, you will get recognition in the 50 Club, $50 charity donation, photo voucher, and one Redbox movie rental.

Once the week is over, we will reset and you have another opportunity to earn prizes.

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NOTES: You can earn prizes for the milestone(s) that you reach on a weekly basis. At the end of each week, we will calculate metrics for each Expert and you will be notified of your achieved milestone and associated prizes. Qualified metrics will reset at the end of each week and cannot be carried over. Count of 5-star ratings will exclude questions with accepted Premium Services. The qualifying weekly periods are Week 1 (November 13-19, 2016), Week 2 (November 20-26, 2016), and Week 3 (November 27-December 3, 2016).

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    The site is the exact same, but it allows you to select a charity of your choice to benefit when you spend your gift card. Amazon will then donate 0.5% of the sale to your selected charity.

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    Great expert care here from you guys, keep it up and thank you:)

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    Very nice program for categories that have a lot of questions. Mine doesn't receive 15 questions a week.