A Note About Expert-Initiated Premium Services in Law Categories

By Anh Nguyen |

[UPDATE 11/11/2016]: We have resumed this test and it should continue running for another 8 days. We will let you know once it ends.

[UPDATE 11/4/2016]: We have concluded this test and you should be able to propose your own premium services.


Dear Law Experts,

Today (10/31), we are starting a test to measure the impact and demand of Auto Phone Calls in the Legal categories by temporary disabling all Expert-initiated premium services. We will evaluate whether this will help increase auto phone call requests and help eliminate customer confusion for premium services.

During this 4-day test, you will not be able to propose your own premium service to customers. You will still be able to accept and fulfill Auto Phone Call requests from customers. This is not a permanent change and you will have access to offer your own premium services again once we conclude the test.

If your customer would like a phone call with you, you can let them know in the Q&A page that they can send a request by clicking on the "Call Me" button on the auto phone call offer window from their Q&A page.

If you have any questions, feel reach to contact us.

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