Did We Reach Our 4.60 Goal?

By Anh Nguyen |

You came (online), you saw (Member questions), you conquered (the 4.60 Member rating goal)

Back in July, we shared an aggressive goal with the Expert community of driving Member rating to 4.60 or better. It was going to take a lot of effort and collaboration from everyone but we knew it would be worth it. When Members get consistent 5-star experiences, they are more likely to stick around, ask more questions, and tell their friends and family. Happy customers are good for Experts and JustAnswer (crazy, right?).

Through the next three months, we had the pleasure of working closely with the Expert community, understanding your rating blockers, sharing best practices, and truly collaborating on a common goal of meeting Member expectations. Today,we’re thrilled to share that our goal is achieved! Thanks to your efforts, the majority of Members are now getting 4 and 5-star experiences on the site and the best part is that in addition to delivering better quality experiences, you continue to deliver speedy responses. Kudos to all!

As we start the fourth and last quarter of the year, we want to continue to build on the progress made in Member rating and expand the focus to ALL questions. We want to challenge ourselves and the Expert community of driving rating for ALL questions to 4.60 or higher.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more about new initiatives and programs from us that will enable you to deliver consistent quality services to ALL customers. As a sneak peek into what we have in store, we plan to launch an Expert rewards program, improve the metrics available on My Dashboard, seasonality watch, and other goodies. Thank you again from all of us here at JustAnswer!


Your Expert Ops team

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