Document Services (Legal Only)

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The Basics

What if you are the original expert:

What if you are not the original expert:

Document Services and Auto Phone Call

What is Document Services?

Document Services is a set of new premium service offerings for customers with questions in any of the Legal categories. These services include Document Preparation and Document Review.

  • Document Preparation: Customers are presented with a list of available document types. Based on the requested document type, you will provide a template of that document and help the customer complete the document. You will NOT complete the document on the customer's behalf. Note: JustAnswer does not store or provide any types of legal templates. Legal Experts will provide their own documents.
  • Document Review: Customers specify the type and length of the document they'd like to have reviewed. You will review the documents and provide feedback.

Is Document Services available in all categories?

No, Document Services is only available for questions in Legal categories.

What are the benefits of Document Services?

By helping customers with their original questions AND fulfilling Document Service requests, you will get an automatic 5-star rating, payout on the original question and payout on the premium service.

An automatic 5-star rating
Payout on the original question
Payout on the premium service

Keep in mind that the Document Service request and the question page are completely separate services that the customer may choose to pay for. The Expert currently corresponding with the customer in writing on the question page may pick up the Document Service request as well, in which case they will then receive earnings for both services.

How much could I earn for fulfilling Document Service requests?

Using past data, we've calculated prices that have the best likely take rate with customers. The amount you'd earn for fulfilling a Document Service request is included in the request notification. For Document Preparation, the payout amount varies based on the document type. For Document Review, the payout amount varies based on the length of the document.

At this moment, you do not have the option to counter the offer with a different amount or set your own amount.

How do I fulfill a Document Service request?

When a customer requests a Document Service, you will see one of two notifications.

If the customer requests Document Review, you will see a modal that says "Document review," number of pages, and the state where the customer is located. The payout amount for Document Reviews will depend on the length of the document.

If the customer requests Document Preparation, you will see a modal that says "Document preparation," type of document, and the state where the customer is located. The payout amount for Document Preparations will depend on the type of document.

To accept the request, click on the "Accept this request" button. You have 5 minutes to accept the request before it's opened to other Legal Experts. After you've accepted, you will be taken to a landing page with the customer's contact information. Fulfill the request by contacting the customer via the contact information provided. Don't forget to complete the completion form within 36 hours of accepting the request to let us know whether you were able to connect with the customer.

Who provide the templates for Document Preparation requests?

Experts provide the templates for customers who are requesting Document Preparation services. Please make sure you have the templates required before accepting Document Preparation requests.

How do customers make requests?

Customers who are asking Legal questions will see a menu at the bottom of the question page with options to continue the conversation via Q&A, switch to phone, call, Prepare my document, and Review my document.

If customers select Prepare my document, they will be shown a list of available document types to choose from.

 If customers select Review my document, they will be asked to specify the length of their documents. 

 In both cases, customers are asked to provide their state and email address.

Can customers make multiple Document Service requests?

Yes! For the same question, customers can request any combination of document review, preparation, and phone call. If you are the original Q&A Expert, you get priority on all customer requests. Any request declined by you or expired will be made available to other Legal Experts.

What happens if I get a payment fail error?

There are several reasons why you may get a payment fail error when trying to accept a request. The customer may have entered incorrect payment information or the customer's bank may have blocked the transaction. Regardless of the reason, we will notify the customer on your behalf and give them the option to update their payment information. In the meantime, the request is removed from the Request Center.

Once the customer has updated their payment information, the request will then be added back to the Request Center and made available for all Experts in the question's category.

Do I have to fulfill Document Service requests?

Absolutely not. If you're unable to fulfill a request for any reason, just click on "No Thanks" in the request notification and the customer will be notified. The request will still be visible as an in-line message in case you change your mind.

Do I lose the question if I can't fulfill the Document Service request?

No. If you are unable to fulfill a request, it will be made available to other Experts in Legal. You can still continue to help the customer through Q&A.

What happens if I decline the Document Service request?

If you click on "No Thanks" in the request notification or do not reply within 5 minutes of receiving the request, it will open up to other Experts in Legal. If another Expert fulfills the request, you are given an automatic 5-star rating and payout on the original question. However, you will NOT be paid for the Document Service.

If I can't fulfill a Document Service request, should I tell my customer?

We notify the customer on your behalf if you're unable to fulfill a Document Service request. However, keep in mind that another Expert may fulfill the request. If you're unable to fulfill the request, it's good practice to let the customer know that another Expert may fulfill the request. You should continue to correspond with the customer in Q&A.

How do I fulfill a Document Service request that was declined by another Expert?

Unfulfilled requests are available to Experts in Legal on a first-come, first served basis. There are two ways to find available Document Service requests:

1. You can find available requests in the Request Center. Each Document Service request has a tag prefixed to the request subject line. To fulfill, click on "See more" to open the request.

2. If you received an email about an available Document Service request, follow the steps below to accept:

a. Click on the "View request now" button from the email.

b. On the landing page, you can see the amount you will earn and a link to review the conversation between the first Expert and customer.

c. If you'd like to fulfill the request, click on the "Accept this request" button.

If I fulfill a Document Service request from the Request Center or an email notification, what do I get paid for?

You will be paid for only the Document Service, NOT for the original question. The first Expert will be paid for the original question value. The amount that you will earn is displayed in the request landing page.

What if another Expert has already fulfilled the Document Service request?

Because open requests are on a first come, first-served basis, there is a chance that the request has already been fulfilled by another Expert by the time you get to it. If that's the case, you will see this landing page:

What happens if no one responds to the Document Service request?

If a Document Service request has not been responded to by any Expert after 24 hours, the request will expire and we will notify the customer. The standalone request in the Request Center will disappear as well. The original question is still available for the first Expert to continue the conversation in Q&A.

Do customers still get the Auto Phone Call offer?

Yes! Customers will still get the Auto Phone Call offer after your second response.

Do I have to accept the Auto Phone Call request AND Document Service request?

No, you can choose to accept or decline any premium service requests from customers or in this case, choose to accept a request that you can fulfill.

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