How to handle customer refund requests

By Anh Nguyen |

Refunds are a part of any business, but if handled correctly, a refund can be a seamless process and an opportunity to turn around an unhappy customer.

When a customer requests a refund, do not attempt to save the refund yourself or get upset. Instead, simply tell the customer that you will let JustAnswer's Customer Care team know and then report the customer's refund request. Simply tell the customer that you will let JustAnswer's Customer Care team know and they will be in touch. By reporting customer refund requests, you help our Customer Care agents better understand the refund reasons and possibly even save the refunds. Note that you should never try to help customers with site issues and instead direct them to Customer Service.

To report a customer refund request, click on the flag icon on the top right corner of the Q&A page. On the modal, click on the "Customer Service/Refunds" link.

A landing page will ask you to give us a little bit more information on why you think the customer is asking for a refund. Your notes will help us address the issue more quickly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Expert Support.

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    I use this a lot, it´s logical to do so, but many experts don´t seem to do it. Same with questions in the wrong category, they are there for hours very often and I seem to be the only expert which takes the time to move them to the right category. Maybe you should also make a post about this function, so that all experts know that they can move the questions easily on their own within seconds. The customer will surely appreciate it.

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