Customers Share Why They Give 5-Star Ratings

By Anh Nguyen |

Have you ever wondered why some customers rate 5-stars for some questions but not others? Or why one Expert is higher rated than another even though they are both equally knowledgeable in their fields? These are some of the questions we’ve been exploring as we try to improve the overall customer experience on JustAnswer. We recently shared data from our internal quality audit that shows how customers, particularly Members, rate and suggested different techniques to increase the likelihood of getting 5-stars. Next, we went directly to the source and asked customers to share their 5-star reasons. From this exercise, we learned more about customer expectations and identified the 5 most common reasons customers give 5-star ratings.

Make a speedy first impression

By now, you don’t need to be reminded of the importance of speedy responses. When you send a quick and friendly first response to customers, you establish instant rapport. Caroline A., a customer from Henderson, NV, was looking for a second opinion for her car issue, “I had an answer within 5 minutes. The person I talked with was polite and his answer was spot on. This was a quick way to verify what I thought was going on with my vehicle and I would recommend this to everyone.”

A speedy response during off-peak hours is a welcome surprise for customers in need. Connie M. from Riverside, CA needed some legal help late at night, “It was 10:00 pm and I was stressing out about a legal situation. Phillips [Legal Expert] responded promptly and I got my answers! I feel great!”

Bottom line: A simple way to make a good first impression with your customers is to send a quick and friendly greeting.

Demonstrate empathy and good bedside manner

Good customer service is about showing that you care about the issues that customers are having. Often, it's as simple as using please and thank you in your responses. Sandy H. from Snyder, TX was looking for someone who can guide her through a problem with her washer, "I received wonderful service from Scott [Appliance Expert]. As a widow with very little understanding of appliance, he took the time to help and was very patient and courteous with me. He explained each step, walked me through as I was following his instructions, and offered more information when I got stuck."

Sarah V. from Tulsa, OK was delighted by the experience she had with Ely [Legal Expert] and shared her experience with us:

Bottom line: Make an effort to show that you care by demonstrating good bedside manner.

Follow through with customers

Customers come to JustAnswer because they are looking for Experts who can guide them through their questions. The support customers get from Experts is what differentiates JustAnswer from other online sources. Tina B. from Alberta, Canada got the support she was looking for when she needed some veterinary help, "I was very happy with the Vet Expert's advice for my dog. She gave me a lot of options as to what the issue could be that my own vet hadn't mentioned. She even contacted me a few days later to see how my dog was doing which I thought was very caring. I have already told a friend about JustAnswer. I am really happy. Thank you again!"

Janine L. from Minneapolis, MN was not happy with her local veterinarians so she turned to JustAnswer to get some help with her dog's bedwetting problem. Janine connected with Dr. Salkin [Pet Expert], who stayed with her weeks later to make sure Janine's dog improved. Listen to Janine and Dr. Salkin share their experience:

Bottom line: The more volleys that you have with your customers, the more likely they are to rate you 5-stars because you are demonstrating your willingness to help and follow up.

Give customers the confidence to help themselves

It's a gratifying feeling to be able to give the right answers, but it's even more gratifying to be able to empower customers to fix their own issues. John C. from Concord, NH, a DIY-er who was able to fix an issue with his boat thanks to guidance from Jason [Boat Expert]. John shares his 5-star experience:

Augustus R. from Sacramento, CA, now looks like an appliance genius to her family thanks to the information provided by an Appliance Expert, "The ice maker in my fridge was giving us ice that had a weird taste so I posted a question on JustAnswer. An Appliance Expert got back to me with a couple of suggestions about the filter. Then, he sent me a video on how to take the ice maker out and gave me some more suggestions for cleaning it. BINGO! That worked amazingly well! About an hour later, I had the ice maker cleaned, back in the fridge, and making ice that now tastes like nothing, which is how it should taste. No need for a costly service call and no waiting around for hours. It only took $40, a screwdriver, and now I look like a genius to my family."

Bottom line: It's more than giving the right answer. Give customers clear and detailed information that they understand and allow them the opportunity to test different suggestions that you offer.

Help customers save money

It's no surprise that customers love to find out when they don't have to go through with a costly repair or ordeal. Although it doesn't happen with every question,it's a gratifying feeling when you can help customers save a few dolllars. Densie Pancari from Newton, PA, was able to avoid costly repair thanks to Billy [HVAC Expert], "This is only the second review that I have written because it was so well deserved. The short story is that an air handler coil in our Trane system failed and I confirmed with Trane that replacing the custom coil would cost $3,000. My HVAC contractor was of no help because he was interested in either selling a custom coil or a new air handler for $3,700. Billy on JustAnswer became my HVAC tutor. He was always there for me and his information was always accurate. Ultimately, I found the perfect used air handler for a total of $400 and 10 years younger than the unit that failed. I'd say that is a WIN and money well spend on JustAnswer!"

Mary Seis from Suamico, WI, became a regular customer of JustAnswer after a positive and money-saving experience the first time, "Had a very positive experience! The first time I used JustAnswer, I had a legal question. My question was answered within the first 15 minutes. This saved me time, money and embarrassment to have to go out of my home for legal consultation. In fact, it saved me $15,000 by not getting into the legality of my situation. After the first question was answered, I thought I may as well try with my financial questions, so I used them two more times and was entirely impressed. These Experts are real professionals and I'm so happy I found them. I have already told many people!"

Bottom line: When the opportunity is there, use your expertise to help customers save some money and they'll be grateful.

Do you have other tips from your experience with customers? Share them below.

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