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By Anh Nguyen |

In an effort to improve the overall auto premium service fulfillment experience for both customers and Experts, we have added a way for Experts to indicate whether an auto premium service (Auto Phone Call and Auto Secure Remote Assistance) request has been successfully fulfilled.

When you open an Auto Premium Service request, you will see a revised landing page with a form that asks whether you were able to connect with the customer.  You MUST successfully fulfill the Auto Premium Service request AND submit the report within 36 hours of accepting the request in order to get paid.

Note: If you were not able to reach a customer at first, please make several more attempts BEFORE indicating 'no' on the form. If you have any issues, please contact Expert Support. The Fulfillment Report only applies to Auto Premium Services (Auto Phone Call and Auto Secure Remote Assistance) and NOT Expert-initiated Premium Services.

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Once you've accepted an Auto Phone Call request or an Auto Secure Remote Assistance request, you will have up to 36 hours to indicate on the form whether you were able to fulfill the service. Do NOT submit the form before you've successfully fulfilled the request or made several attempts. As noted, you MUST indicate that you've successfully fulfilled the auto premium service request to be paid.

While we understand that this is an extra step to your premium service fulfillment workflow, it is a step that will help resolve some of the concerns we've heard back from you about not being able to connect with customers. By giving you the opportunity to indicate whether an Auto Premium Service is fulfilled, we can better serve customers and when necessary, use your feedback to help dispute complaints from customers. This feedback loop feature is similar to an Uber driver indicating on the driver's app of when a ride is completed or an Amazon email indicating that your package has been received.

For your convenience, all accepted Auto Premium Service requests will be added to the Priority view in your Request Center with an appropriate prefix. You can easily open the landing page from here and complete the form.

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In the scenario where you were not able to connect with a customer, please indicate as such and complete the rest of the form to give us more information. Your feedback will help us take necessary steps to contact the customer and resolve any issue.

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You can check your Answer Earnings Report for any Auto Premium Services you've accepted. If there is a $0 in the earnings column, it means you have not filled out the report yet, or you've already filled it out and indicated the service could not be fulfilled. 

If you have any questions about this feature, please click the red Submit an Inquiry button at the top of this page. Thank you!

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    canuck the pro

    Sounds like a logical and solid plan.

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    Hopefully, this will stop some Experts from accepting the requests and not actually fulfilling them!

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    I also agree with IT_Miro.