5 Ways to Get a 5-Star Rating

By Anh Nguyen |

Speed, quality, and compassion. At a high level, those are the things we aim to offer customers on JustAnswer. For much of 2016, you've helped us make great progress in first response speed. But customers are not coming to JustAnswer solely for a quick first response. They are looking for information that they can't get themselves and Experts who can help guide them.

At the beginning of July, we began our quality initiatives, as defined by customer ratings, to help match our progress with speed. Some of you were concerned that speed and quality cannot coexist, but they can! A speedy first response and a complete answer will add up to a 5-star customer experience. In practice, this is what it looks like for customers:

To show you how you can deliver on 5-star experiences consistently, we've offered 5 ways to improve your rating by combining speed, quality, and compassion.

1) Target Member questions

Members are our repeat customers and if you ask any self-employed lawyer, doctor, mechanic, technician, or veterinarian, they will tell you that repeat customers are their most valuable customer segment. When we compare some quality metrics between JustAnswer Members and non-Members, we see that Members rate 0.36 point better than non-Members and 67% of those Member ratings are 5-stars.

2) Send your first response in under 30 minutes

In a previous article, we shared the likelihood of getting a 5-star rating when you send a first response in 30 minutes or less. If we look at only 5-star ratings from Member questions, you can see that most (73%) are given out when Members get a first response in under 30 minutes.

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We’ve made it easier for you to send a speedy first response to Members with our one-click greeting tool. Click here to learn more about it >>

3) Avoid rating language in your greeting and signature

Using a greeting as your first response is a great way to let customers know that you are here to help. However, a greeting should not be used to ask for a rating. In a recent quality audit, we found that the likelihood of getting a 5-star rating decreases when rating is mentioned in the first response.

Your signature is a place where you can ask for a rating, but its good practice to be polite about it. Many of the top-rated Experts we talked to use their signatures either after or as part of their answers as an opportunity to ask customers for follow-ups.

We have been increasing our secret shopper efforts and reaching out to Experts that may need some help with their greetings and signatures. If you are unsure about how to draft your greeting and/or signature, click here to get some examples >>

4) Show that you’ve made a strong effort to help

One of the most frequent best practices we heard from top-rated Experts is that they always make a concerted effort to help every customer. This means that they walk customers through several troubleshooting exercises and have timely “volleys.” A volley is an exchange in which the participants, in this case Expert and customer, say something.

We conducted an analysis to see if more volleys do equal better ratings and the results show that you are more likely to get a 5-star rating with 8 volleys than you are with 1. However, this does not mean all of your questions should have 8 volleys. What this suggests is that it is to your benefit to be more communicative with customers, especially when you have to deliver bad news. Customers did not pay to have someone simply tell them that they’re out of luck. Show customers that you’ve made the effort to help.

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5) Use My Dashboard to track your progress

With My Dashboard, you now have more visibility into how you’re doing on the site. We recommend that you visit My Dashboard daily to see how your earnings, question volume, rating, and response speed have changed. You can also use My Dashboard to set personal goals for yourself and get advice on how to improve. Best of all, we plan to expand how you can view your data and include perks in future versions. Click here to visit My Dashboard >>

Got your own tips on how to get 5-star ratings? Share with us below.

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