Week in Review - July 29, 2016

By Anh Nguyen |

Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements, contributions from the Expert community, customer compliments, and preview the week ahead.

Latest Enhancements

PM Notification on Request Center: We've added a notification badge to the Request Center to let you know when you have new private messages.Click here to see what it looks like >>
One-Click Greeting: If you've updated all of your greetings prior to this week, you should now be able to send your predefined greetings for every question. We plan to open this feature up to more Experts. Click here to learn more >>

My Dashboard Tip #1 of 5: How to Interpret Your Average Rating


You go to your Dashboard and see that your average 4-week rating is a 4.60. So, what does that mean and how can you use that information to improve?

As Experts, you strive to deliver the best possible experience to customers. Every time a customer gives you a 4 or 5, they are telling you that you've met or exceeded their expectations. When you get a 1 or 2, it is an opportunity to see how you can improve. Your average rating, as shown in My Dashboard, is simply that; the average of all of your rated questions, both positive and negative. For all of the 4 and 5 stars, you are doing something right and it's up to you to continue to be consistent with your service. For all of the 1 and 2 stars, you should use them as an opportunity to test ways to improve.

If you are seeing your average rating decline over time, feel free to reach out to us and we can help analyze your questions and identify opportunities for you to improve. Like you, our goal is to help all Experts deliver the best possible experience to customers.

If you haven't seen My Dashboard, click here >>

Asking Customers for Ratings


One of the most common questions we get from Experts about rating is what we are doing on our side to reminder customers to rate. In short, we have several messages on the customer's Q&A page to remind them about rating and we also send out several email reminders. To learn more about what we're doing to help improve your rating, click here >>

This Week's Best

Most 5-Star Ratings Received

1. centralappliance1 Appliance +16 (Last week: 17)
2. PaulmoJD Legal -1 (Last week: 1)
3. LawTalk Legal +5 (Last week: 8)
4. RichieMe Tech +15 (Last week: 19)
5. ratioscripta Legal -1 (Last week: 4)

Most Total Positive Ratings Received

1. centralappliance1 Appliance +2 (Last week: 3)
2. PaulmoJD Legal -- (Last week: 2)
3. RichieMe Tech +6 (Last week: 9)
4. LawTalk Legal +1 (Last week: 5)
5. md20/20 HI -4 (Last week: 1)

Most Member Questions Responded To in 30 Minutes or Less

1. peterpete190 Cars -- (Last week: --)
2. PaulmoJD Legal -1 (Last week: 1)
3. rayanswers Legal -1 (Last week: 2)
4. DrThomasMD Medical +2 (Last week: 6)
5. fordguy4u Cars +4 (Last week: 9)

Most Auto Phone Call Requests Fulfilled

1. Joyce Stevens Legal -- (Last week: 1)
2. MasterFixIt Appliance +1 (Last week: 3)
3. centralappliance1 Appliance +3 (Last week: 6)
4. HeavyEquipmentTech HE +1 (Last week: 5)
5. smitty1486 Appliance +12 (Last week: 17)

Coming Up Next Week

More enhancements and announcements
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