One-Click Greeting is now available

By Anh Nguyen |

Starting today, Experts who have completed greetings for all of their mini profiles will be able to send predefined greetings with just one click.

If this feature is enabled for you, you will see your predefined greeting when you open a question. All you have to do is hit the Send button to send your initial response. Note that you cannot edit your greeting in the Q&A page. If you'd like to update any of your greetings, go to your Mini Profile settings.

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We plan to open this feature to more Experts weekly based on completed mini profile greetings. If you'd like to enable this feature, go to your Mini Profile settings and make sure all of your mini profiles have greetings. Click here to learn how to edit greetings >>

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    I am still unable to use this feature.

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    I do like it, but I have found that the customer will reply immediately to it, NOT giving me the chance to finish the answer I am giving them in the next reply, then they say "hello, anybody there" or "where's my answer". Maybe if I add "I'll be right with you" into the greeting, that may circumvent this small issue. I need to play with it a little.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Ron! Yes, we do encourage that you test different greetings to see which ones customers respond best to.

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    I can not use the one-click greeting

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Marvin, please contact Expert Support via the orange "Submit a request" button at the top of the page and we'll sort this out for you.