Thank you from Expert Ops

By Anh Nguyen |

Wow, what a crazy and fast 3-month ride. When we decided to focus on response speed back in March, we knew it would require an unprecedented level of collaboration between JustAnswer and the Expert community in order to meet the speed expectations of our Members. We worked with many in the community and offered incentive programs - Surge Payout, Existing Member Payout, and Weekend Warriors - to make sure that you are fairly compensated.

Thanks to all of your effort, JustAnswer Members are now getting Expert responses faster than ever! We kid you not. We've never seen faster response speed than what you were able to accomplish this past quarter. It's incredible! Faster responses mean Members are more likely to stay on, ask more questions, take more premium services, and tell others about the site. We cannot stress enough how thankful we are of the Expert community.

As we start the 3rd quarter of the year, we want to continue the progress made with speed and expand our focus to quality. It's no secret that people come to JustAnswer because they know they'll get fast quality answers from Experts. We've made great strides in speed and we want to make sure we are delivering on quality expectations as well.

In the coming weeks, you will hear more from us about new quality initiatives, programs, and a dashboard or two. JustAnswer's success is intertwined with the success of the Expert community. We look forward to continuing the amazing collaboration to succeed and grow together.


Your Expert Ops team

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