Job Hunting Tips for College Grads



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  • alumalite

    Before I retired I ran or owned several companies in the HVAC, or construction business... later I hired out as a consulting engineer to a few dozen engineering and manufacturing firms mostly in the US but one in Japan.

    I know what it takes t get hired. Aside from the basics as recommended in this article, and far more important is ones *persona.

    If you look like a weak kneed simp and wear a cardigan sweater to your interview you will not get hired into a macho, get things done no matter what environment.

    The basket weaving liberal arts majors in the HR dept may be impressed with your paper work, weak compromised behavior, and lack of bearing, but the hiring manager will not. He will hire someone with an actual, confident, earned bearing. Such bearing is obtained through actual accomplishment, or at least the moxie it takes to succeed in the world.
    A person is hired mostly by his or her bearing... a word worth looking up, and a characteristic worth cultivating.

    How does a person cultivate bearing? He does that through lack of compromise anywhere in his life... no compromise. Thats another story.

    Our current culture is one of compromise, weakness, and acceptance of the weak, corrupt or perverted... that ruins a person entirely when it comes to production and work.

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