TEST: Standalone Phone Call Requests

By Anh Nguyen |

UPDATE 12/6/2017: We have concluded this test on 12/6/2017.


Starting on November 30, 2017, we will be conducting a test where customers will have the option to get their questions answered by standard Q&A or Standalone Phone Call. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fulfill Standalone Phone Call requests.

Customers start as normal by posting their questions as text.

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As customers go through the funnel, they are prompted to select whether they'd like to ask their questions via Q&A or Standalone Phone Call. Below is an example of what customers will see if they were asking a Legal question (note: actual Expert shown varies):

If the customer selects online Q&A, then the question will be posted to the Request Center as normal. If the customer selects a Standalone Phone Call, then a sub-$5 payout question will be posted first while we're waiting to get the customer's phone number. Once that happens, the sub-$5 question will be replaced a phone call request that has a prefix that reads "[Phone Call Requested]". Please Do NOT respond to these sub-$5 questions unless you've accepted the phone call request. An email will also go out to Experts in the question's category.

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Similar to phone call requests that have been declined by the original Expert, Standalone Phone Call requests will open up in a new tab when you click on "See more." You can now accept the request by clicking on the "Accept this request" button or view the Q&A page to get additional information.

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To open the Q&A page, click on the question link. In this example, you can open the Q&A page by clicking on "question text." If you need more information from the customer BEFORE accepting the phone call request, you can post Information Requests on the Q&A page. Note that another Expert will be able to accept the phone call request while you are posting on the Q&A page. If this happens, you can stop corresponding with the customer because the phone call Expert has already been credited for the request.

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You can tell that this question is a Standalone Phone Call request by the auto-response that has been posted after the customer's question: "Thanks for posting your question. We're matching you to the right Expert, who will call you at the number you provided. Please leave any new details below."

With Auto Phone Call, we ask that you treat the Q&A and phone call request as two separate services and if you are not the original Q&A Expert, do not post in the Q&A thread. With Standalone Phone Call, you are allowed to post on the Q&A thread to get additional information, let the customer know that they should expect a call from you or provide follow-up information.

If you see on the Q&A page that a Standalone Phone Call request has been accepted by another Expert, do not correspond with the customer in Q&A.

NOTE: The payout value on the Q&A page is NOT the value you will earn for fulfilling a Standalone Phone Call request. The actual amount earned is the one you see from the Request Center, request landing page, and email. The value shown on the Q&A page is simply there to hold the question.

Once you've accepted a Standalone Phone Call request, you can fulfill the request via our integrated phone call feature or open the Q&A page to get the customer's phone number to call on your own.

If you have any questions, please contact Expert Support.

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    This seems great but kind of scary when sometimes the chat takes a 180 on you. What happens if we accept the call , call the customer and find out we can't help with the issue ? What would be the next step ?

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    For some experts who cannot take phone questions due to their professional regulations (lawyers in Canada, for instance) I'd strongly suggest that you tell the customer that if no one can answer the phone call, they will be contacted by Online Q&A after, say, 2 - 4 hours.

    It seems really counterproductive for the people who most urgently want an answer to sit in the system unanswered for days.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Lou, it's a good idea to review the full question prior to accepting the phone call request. If you think you can help, accept the call and then you can get any additional information prior to calling the customer.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Anne, the phone call request will be available for up to 24 hours after it has been requested by the customer. Most likely, an available Expert will accept the request.

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    Can a call be sent to experts in a field of trade when a call request has been posted? An automated call or tone to alert an expert to check his or her smart phone for e mails and or go to JA site and look at requests? I get a tone from my cell when a voice mail is in my mail box. If my cell was called, I could be alerted to a request.