Surge Payout for Cars, HI, Legal, Pets, and Tech

By Anh Nguyen |

UPDATE 7/1/2016: Surge Payout has ended.

JustAnswer Members regularly cite fast response speed and consistent quality answers as the main benefits for why they keep coming back. To help better serve Members in the Car, Home Improvement, Legal, Pets, and Tech categories, we're excited to introduce surge payout for Member questions in those main categories and all subcategories.

How does it work?

You will get anywhere from $3-$5 for every Member question that you respond to in under 30 minutes between the hours shown below for all days of the week. If you respond to a Member question in under 30 minutes, you will manually be credited regardless of if you receive a positive rating on the Q&A. The exact surge amount you'll earn will depend on the categories.

Please note that each eligible category and its subcategories have their own surge hours and payout amount. During those surge hours, simply respond to member questions with a greeting in 30 minutes or less and we will credit you for the surge.

The additional amount you earn will be calculated and we will manually adjust your total payout. Valid for questions in Car, Home Improvement, Legal, Pets, and Tech categories only.

How do I find surge questions?

Surge-qualified Member questions are found on the Request Center with purple payout values. If you respond to a question with a posted time of 30 minutes or less, you will be credited the surge payout for that question. You will still earn the regular payout for that question when the Member gives you a positive rating.

When will the surge last?

Only Member questions responded to in under 30 minutes between the hours shown below will qualify to receive the surge payout. We will notify you once the surge pricing ends.

Why am I not seeing the additional amount in my earning report?

The additional amount you earn during the surge hours will be calculated. We will manually adjust your total payout and send you a message to let you know that the adjustment has been completed.

What's is the difference between questions with red payout values and purple payout values?

Both red and purple payout values indicate that the questions are from Members. However, questions with purple payout values indicate that they are surge questions. By responding to these surge questions in 30 minutes or less, you will earn an additional surge payout. Questions with red payout values do not qualify for the additional amount.

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    very helpful

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    Hi team, is the Surge payout calculated weekly, or after the promotion has completed ( end of month ). Thank you,

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    Still looking to hear when we will receive notification about the surge payouts.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Mark. If you have any qualified responses since we started Surge Payout at the beginning of June, then you should've received an email from Expert Support.

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    What a great Idea, did I come up with this form of loyalty &