Phone Calls

By Anh Nguyen |

With Expert Mobile Web, you can offer phone calls to customers, fulfill Auto Phone Call requests, and initiate calls with customers. Below is information to help you get started. To learn the basics of the Expert mobile web, click here.

How do I send a phone call offer to customers?

As you're corresponding with your customer using Expert Mobile Web, you will see an option to "Offer Phone Call" right above the message text box.

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When you tab on "Offer Phone Call," you'll get a Premium Service modal similar to the one you see on desktop. The type and description of service have already been filled out for you. Enter the service value you'd like to offer and tap on "Submit offer."

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How do I accept an Auto Phone Call request?

When a customer sends you a phone call request, you will see an in-line request on your mobile phone. You'll have 5 minutes to accept the request before it's opened to other Experts in your category. To accept, tap on "Accept this request."

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Can I initiate an Auto Phone Call request through JustAnswer?

Yes! After accepting an Auto Phone Call request on your mobile phone, you will be asked to enter your phone number. After doing so, tap on "Initiate customer call now" and our integrated phone call feature will dial out to both you and the customer at the same time. Calls initiated through our system will mask your phone number and are recorded for quality purposes.

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