Initiate Phone Calls Through JustAnswer

By Anh Nguyen |

We're excited to introduce an integrated phone call feature where you can initiate phone calls with customers directly through JustAnswer. For customer-initiated phone call requests (Auto Phone Calls), you will now have the option to call customers.


  • Make phone-to-phone calls within the United States through JustAnswer
  • Hide your phone number from customers
  • Help alleviate confidentiality and professional-client relationship concerns with recorded calls
  • At the beginning of every call, the customer is reminded of JustAnswer's information-only disclaimer.
  • Only available with Auto Phone Call requests (customer-initiated phone call requests)
  • Available to all Experts

How does it work if I'm the original Expert?

1. Accept the customer's request for a phone as usual. After your accept has been processed, click on the "Call" button that appears above your message textbox.

2. You will come to a landing page where you will be asked to enter your phone number. After doing so, click on the "Initiate customer call now" to begin the call.

 3. The integrated phone feature will automatically dial the customer and you. Once both sides are connected, you can begin your conversation.

What if I'm not the original Expert?

1. Open a customer-initiated phone call request from email or the Request Center and accept as you normally would. After reviewing the Q&A thread, accept the request and you will be taken to a landing page to enter your phone number.

2. Enter your phone number and click on "Initiate customer call now" button. The integrated phone feature will automatically dial the customer and you. Once both sides are connected, you can begin your conversation.

What do I need to use the integrated phone call feature?

You will still need your phone, a United States number and reliable cell coverage. The current version of this feature is phone-to-phone only. The current benefits of this version include hiding your phone number from customers and having your calls recorded (recordings are not available to Experts). Upcoming updates may include scheduling, VoIP calling for international, and more.

Do customers know the calls are recorded?

Yes. Customers are notified that calls are recorded and they are giving express consent by continuing with the calls.

Why are calls being recorded?

We record calls for quality purpose. Call recordings are used to verify phone call fulfilment and help support customer service issues. Similar to how all Q&A pages on JustAnswer are public, transcriptions of recorded calls are also public.

What happens if I'm not able to use the integrated feature to make phone calls?

The customer phone number will be available to you in the Q&A thread if there are any technical issues that prevent you from using the integrated feature.

What happens if the customer does not pick up?

When initiating a call, you will be put on hold while we attempt to call the customer. If the customer does not pick up, wait a few minutes and try again.

If you are NOT the original Expert, do NOT post on the Q&A page as the original Expert may still be corresponding with the customer. If you've made at least two attempts to call the customer without success, contact Customer Service so we can reach out to the customer.

Can I use the integrated feature for phone calls that I initiate?

No. At this time, the integrated feature is only available for customer-initiated phone call requests. If you offer your own phone call, then this feature will not be available.

Can I use the integrated feature if myself or the customer is located outside the United States?

Unfortunately, the integrated feature is only limited to domestic calls at this time. This means you AND the customer must have US-based phone numbers. If you try to connect to an international customer, you will get an error message when initiating the call.

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    When does this start?

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    Anh Nguyen

    We are releasing this feature on a very limited basis and will add more Experts as we get more feedback. If you haven't already, please add yourself to the waitlist.

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    How do I get added to the waitlist? I am offering a call. But, I really don't like handing out my number. I don't totally get how to do a web call.