Introducing the Request Center

By Anh Nguyen |

On Thursday (11/5), we're excited to introduce the Request Center, a refresh to something you're already familiar with.

We took some of the things you're used to from the Find Questions List and made a few improvements:

  • Customer initiated phone call requests are now standalone items! Phone call requests are prefixed with the tag "[Phone Call Requested]" before the request subject line. To learn more about fulfilling phone call requests, click here.
  • For Experts using JustAnswer on smaller screens, you can now hide the left column.
  • We’ve cleaned up the top menu and organized all of your personal pages under your name in one simple drop-down menu.
  • For international Experts, you can easily toggle between different partner sites.
  • Your favorite features such as notifications, filters and sound alert are still here.

Why is it called the Request Center?

As we continue to move in the direction of standalone additional services such as phone calls, we want to make it easy for Experts to find and respond to available requests, thereby, maximizing Expert earning opportunities. With this in mind, we feel it makes sense to re-brand the Find Questions List to Request Center. The Request Center will be the hub for Experts to see a combined list of available Q&A and additional service requests. Click here to learn more about the Request Center.

To access the Request Center, visit

What types of requests will I find in the Request Center?

You will find the same text-based questions (Q&A) that you're used to and standalone phone call requests. In the future, we plan to add other standalone additional service requests.

How do I reply to text-based questions (Q&A)?

When you see a Q&A you'd like to reply to, click on the "Reply" link. The request will open in what is now called Active Requests. Formerly PQA, the Active Request page works the same as PQA but re-branded because it contains all of your active requests including Q&A and standalone additional services. Click here to learn more about Active Requests.

How do I fulfill a phone call request from the Request Center?

When a customer requests a phone call but the original Expert cannot fulfill, an email notification is sent out and the standalone phone call request is added to the Request Center (after 5 minutes). To fulfill a phone call request from the Request Center, click on the "See more" link to open the request.

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The landing page will be the same one you'd see if you were to open the request from an email notification. To accept the request, click on the "Accept this request" button.

Click to enlarge

Is there a difference between accepting a phone call request from email versus Request Center?

No. If you are subscribed to receive email notifications of phone call requests, then you should be able to be notified of new requests via both methods. However, if you spend more time in the Request Center, you may be able to spot new requests quickly.

Where can I find my PMs, account, report and account information?

All of your PMs and account-related information are organized and can be found when you hover your mouse over your name. My Questions has been renamed My Requests.

Want to learn more about the Request Center? Click here.

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    Nice upgrade. Congratulations!

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    Gee no more my account to check earnings or play the wheel, my questions is gone, earnings is gone. What happened to transparency?

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Joecamel90, all of your account information is organized in a list when you hover the mouse over your name at the top right corner of the Request Center.

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    The hide word and hide button are not in the same place. So when you want to remove a question from the list you have to click in a blank area. There is no drop down to get to the my questions list.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Chris, you can access the My Requests (formerly My Questions) when you hover your mouse over your name at the top. Can you explain this a bit more: "The hide word and hide button are not in the same place"?

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    Hide button resolved.
    The My requests will take you to the my questions list however it does not open a new tab like the other links. It replaces the current tab causing more time waiting on pages to load as you go back and forth opening, viewing and using them. Making My requests open a new tab would help.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. We'll pass it along.

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    On the topic of transparency:
    I'm a computer expert, and I've been taking calls regarding that for a long time.
    .... Huge issue: A disconcertingly large proportion of folks who call in -- for help with their Dell computer, or their Xbox account, or their HP printer, or Microsoft Windows -- //don't realize that they're contacting an unaffiliated, 3rd-party support center//.
    Reason seems to be: They do a google search for "dell support troubleshooting" or "call dell tech support" or whatever. JustAnswer has very good SEO (search engine optimization). The link on the google results page says something like "support for Dell computers -- talk to a live technician!" or somesuch (I haven't actually seen the webpage -- need to do that next time I talk to such a user).
    .... Anyway, point being: Folks in the computer support category really need the support.... And they're not savvy enough to realize that they're on a 3rd-party site.
    This is a big problem. Many customers are unhappy and surprised when I tell them that they aren't speaking to (Dell, HP, Microsoft, Xbox support, Uber support -- yes Uber, someone had a problem with the app -- etc.)
    I strongly suspect it is a contributing cause of demanded refunds. They feel betrayed, fooled, misled.
    Now, I'm always very supportive, I can usually fix their issue, so it's not such a big deal.
    Still, there's yet another issue: Many of these problems can be fixed for free by the company in question.
    .... I'd like to reduce the number of these mis-led support requests I get. I request that JustAnswer practice more transparency: Put up a big banner, make it very clear that the person knows it is a third-party, unaffiliated site, e.g. "You are now on, a premier tech-support site. Our experts are not in any way affiliated with, nor do they represent, [algorithm to insert the name of the company they searched for]. You can contact that company's support page here: [provide link to their official website w/ phone#, etc. -- this could be filled in by proven experts, who could vote on whether it's the right 'landing' page for that company's support or not]
    Instead, JustAnswer provides top-of-the-line paid expert assistance for many technical products.
    [further description of TOS, free trial, refunds, etc.]"
    .... I think people deserve the chance to know if their product or service request is covered under the company's warranty / terms, for free -- before they plunk down forty bucks to a third party for something they've already paid for (in the form of a warranty, etc.).

  • Avatar

    P.S. This needs to be clear and concise -- a long, drawn-out TOS / "fine print" doesn't cut it. Do you ever read those? Most folks don't.
    So make it obvious. Big banner. Big points concisely. Smaller details in smaller print.

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    @Anh: I realize my above posts were a bit of a rant.
    Nonetheless, this has been paining me for some time.
    Could you please reply? I'd like an answer on this, one way or the other.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Joseph, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do understand the frustration when you are confronted by customers who were expecting you to be someone you are not. I've passed this feedback to the appropriate teams on the customer and SEO sides and if something changes, I will keep you posted. At the moment, I would suggest letting customers know in Q&A or at the start of the call that you are not associate with any of the companies. I'm sorry I don't have a more direct solution for you but thank you for sharing your painpoint. Our team uses feedback like this to advocate for Experts whenever we can.

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    @Anh: Thank you, very much, for your response.
    I am truly appreciative.
    Yes, I would love to see this followed up on -- really glad you passed this along!!!
    Please, keep me posted if/when you hear any updates. This is so crucial.

    and I'm doubly-glad you took the time to give it to multiple relevant teams -- many, many thanks.

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