10 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Member Questions

By Anh Nguyen |

Since starting JustAnswer's membership program back in 2009, we get hundreds of thousands of member questions a year. Members understand the value of JustAnswer, and they appreciate the quality service and information they get from Experts.

As Experts, there are many reasons for why you should respond to member questions. But now, you have one more (BIG) reason: Members have access to an exclusive members-only mobile app! Launched earlier this month, the mobile app allows members to ask questions, get push notifications, and rate answers; all from their mobile phones.

Still not convinced about why you should respond to member questions? We share some reasons and show some of the mobile app features that matter to you.

Note: Currently, JustAnswer's mobile app is for members-only. Customers who are not members will not be able to log into the mobile app.

1. Member questions are identified on the Question List with the tag "Subscription."

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2. As part of their memberships, members can ask as many questions as they want. Therefore, members have no hesitation to ask more questions.

3. When logged into the mobile app, members see a list of their active and completed questions. They can easily go back to view replies or rate answers.

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4. Members are repeat customers so they generally understand how the site works.

5. Members can ask questions and share photos directly from the mobile app.

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6. Members understand site etiquette for communications with Experts. More often than not, they provide enough information to help Experts answer questions.

7. Members get push notifications on their phones when you reply.

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8. Members who have had good experiences with Experts often come back and request the same Experts again.

9. Members can rate you directly from the mobile app.

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10. Members know about the rating system, how to rate and do so often.


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