Return of IR on 10/15

By Anh Nguyen |

Starting on Thursday 10/15, the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox will be added back to PQA.

Why was it removed?

We removed the checkbox as part of a test to evaluate its impact on Expert accept rate. Previously, we were finding that customers could not rate when they want to because the option is not available until Experts check the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox. To help improve your accept rate and earnings, we removed the checkbox and allowed customers to rate anytime after your initial reply. While we saw a bump in accept rate, the plan was to add the checkbox back.

What you need to know:

  • Starting on 10/15, all of your replies will be sent as information requests (IR) until the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox is checked.
  • When you are ready to provide an answer, check the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox and send your answer.
  • The customer will then be able to provide a rating.

What's the difference between sending a reply with the checkbox checked versus unchecked?

When the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox is not checked, your replies are sent as information requests and the customer is not able to rate. Once you've checked the checkbox, your reply will be sent as an answer and the customer will be able to rate.

When should I check the checkbox?

Once you're ready to provide an answer, check the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox prior to sending your answer.

How do I report a no-click rating (NCR) or negative rating?

If you'd like to report an NCR, you can submit a request here. Please note that JustAnswer is not currently using negative ratings. If you've received a negative rating, use that as an opportunity to turn things around with the customer.

Feel free to share any questions or concerns in the comment section below.

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    In my opinion IR should occur after accept. One idea would be to make a 'request another expert' button for the customer if they don't like how things are going. Thank you.