Week in Review – October 2, 2015

By Anh Nguyen |
October 2, 2015

Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements and bug fixes, questions from the Expert community, customer compliments, and preview the week ahead.

Latest Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Below are the latest enhancements and bug fixes for this week:

Closing questions in PQA: We've added a "Close" link to PQA for Experts to close questions after receiving a positive rating.

Scripted Chat Test

Starting on Monday 10/5, we will conduct a short test where we will guide customers through the question asking process via scripted chat. We are testing to see if this will be an easier method for customers to ask questions. Click here to learn more.

Coming Up Next Week

Does speed matter? We'll share some insights on customer speed expectations and its effect on satisfaction.
Scripted Chat Test: We will run a 3-day Scripted Chat test starting on Oct. 5th.
More enhancements and bug fixes!
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