How to turn around negative ratings?

By Anh Nguyen |

We've all been there. After typing a thorough and lengthy response with links and citations, you get an email notification that the customer has given you a negative rating. Bummer!

Before you consider ditching JustAnswer and going up to Alaska to become a longshoreman (or longshorewoman), take a breath. Yes, it is not pleasant to receive a negative rating, especially on a question you have spent a lot of time on. However, it is entirely possible to turn it around. And no, JustAnswer is not paying me to say this.

Negative ratings are given for many reasons and while most customers reserve negative ratings for when the reasons are valid, some are undeserved. Customers could have rated negative by accident. Or they are upset at the bad news received, even if the information is correct. And occasionally, customers are simply agitated and rate negatively out of spite. So what can you do turn around negative ratings?

First, it's useful to know that customers have the ability to re-rate you. After the initial rating, you can continue the conversation and after a response, the customer can give you a different rating (if they choose to). The initial rating does not have to be the final rating.

Second, I recommend you have a prepared statement in response to a negative rating. Here is an example:

"I am showing that you have given my answer a negative rating. Keep in mind, I can only give you truthful information as simply telling you only what you wish to hear but what may not necessarily be true would only hurt you. If you are upset at your situation but not by the quality of my answer, please consider rerating positively as I am only a messenger. If you simply want more information, feel free to reply and let me know - I am here to help you to your satisfaction. If you have other concerns, reply and let me know. I am here to make sure you are satisfied."

A statement like this has helped me convert many negatives in the past and it is a valuable tool any Expert can use.

It's easy to feel upset when someone sends a signal that they're unhappy with your work, but it's important to always remember to keep your cool. We are Experts in our fields and need to maintain our professionalism.

Got your own tips for how to turn around negative ratings? Share them below!

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    How are you supposed to turn around a negative rating if the post has been closed to further posting by a moderator? With no response from the customer or reason as to why there was a negative review.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi there, if you run into this issue with specific questions, please submit a ticket to Expert Support and our Expert Moderators will assist on a case-by-case.