Removal of IR Test Starting on 8/13!

By Anh Nguyen |

Starting on Thursday 8/13, we will conduct a test in PQA where the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox will be removed.

Why are you testing this?

To help increase your accept rate. We've found that customers often don't rate because they're not able to when they want to. By removing the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox, customers are able to rate when they're satisfied with your response. We hope that this will help to increase accept rate, which means more earnings for you!

What you need to know:

  • The test will start on Thursday (8/13). We will notify you when it ends.
  • The test will only affect Experts on PQA.
  • The "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox will be removed.

If you have any concerns about this, please review the FAQ below.

What does this look like?

The only design change this test will affect is the removal of the "I'm ready to be rated" checkbox next to the Send button.

When can customers rate me?

Customers can rate you anytime after your first response. However, we do communicate with customers through email notifications and on their dashboard to rate once they're satisfied with the response.

What if a customer rates me before I'm ready?

If you receive a negative rating because you haven't had a chance to provide a complete answer, then do let the customer know you are still trying to provide an answer. Customers are able to re-rate your service once you've responded to the negative rating.

How do I report a no-click rating (NCR) or negative rating?

Keep in mind that our policies for NCR and negative ratings still apply during the test. If you'd like to report an NCR, feel free to let us know. Please note that JustAnswer is not currently using negative ratings. If you've received a negative rating, use that as an opportunity to turn things around with the customer.

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    So if Just Answer is not using negative ratings, or the negative ratings are not being counted against us and are meant to encourage us to continue working with the customer Why not get rid of the negative rating aspect and change it to something easier to process. For one star put "I have not yet received an answer" and two stars, " I would like more information for my answer". Personally when I see a NEGATIVE, its a slap in the face and I get on the defensive. It puts me in a negative mindset to even want to work with the customers to turn it around.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi @Bluegorilla, thanks for the suggestion. We are still exploring how to use rating to encourage Experts to deliver better service while still allowing customers to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

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    "JustAnswer is not currently using negative ratings"
    This is HUGE. I agree with the negative mindset of a negative rating, but what is really important is whether it affects me directly. And if it doesn't, then I'm happy to let the customer leave a negative rating if it makes them feel better. Knowing that negative ratings are no longer used to make us look bad by bringing down our satisfaction rating, the only thing that remains to be fixed is the customer's perception that there is a financial benefit to a negative rating. But this change in policy takes most of that concern away - we know that negative ratings seldom reflect the performance of the Expert, so this is a big step.