A note from Andy: PQA is ready for liftoff on August 24th!

By Anh Nguyen |

Hi everyone,

Andy KurtzigI am happy to announce that we will officially launch a major upgrade to the question answering page on August 24th. This Professional Question Answering (“PQA”) project started as a small side project based on suggestions from a few Experts and grew into a major collaboration between many of you and a big team here.

A few years ago, we discussed the three things needed for us to be successful together: collaboration, quality and shared success. The PQA you experience today is the result of months of all three. You asked for more involvement in the product development cycle – we collected your ideas in advance through frequent tests and incorporated much of your feedback in our releases. You asked for more quality from us – The PQA is built on a much more solid foundation than the previous Q&A page. Plus, we invested in and implemented new quality assurance test and release processes. You asked for more opportunities to be successful on the site – we made it easier in PQA to grow your business with additional services like phone calls.

Your success is our success, but the journey doesn’t end here. The PQA launch on August 24th is only the beginning in what should be an exciting and collaborative march towards a continually improving Expert experience. Now that this project is finished and the PQA is on our new code-base, we are eager to work on new projects to keep improving your JustAnswer experience!

Imua (that means "moving forward with purpose" in Hawaiian),

Andy Kurtzig, CEO

P.S. - You can find all the PQA resources you need below.

Get a quick overview of PQA:

See what your customers see when you interact with them in PQA:

Get a breakdown of every component of PQA: Click here

Read the FAQs for PQA: Click here

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    So the customers don't see our profile and picture anymore?

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    I really am loving JustAnswer! Wow, you guys have knocked it out of the park! I am so glad I watched these videos. They have answered a few questions where I have been stumbling around. Great Job! --JimH - ARMSS, LLC. RIchmond, Va

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    Anh Nguyen

    @dodgetech77, customers do see your profile photo and a snapshot of your experience before they click to see your response.

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    what happened to the I'm ready to be rated box? I like using need info till I am ready to prevent unnecessary poor ratings due to misunderstandings

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    disregard I found the answer

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    Excellent overview - I'd figured most in the PQA system but did learn one thing - how to remove questions from the list ! Thats great - especially for those that are not mine!!! Dont know why that happens.
    As for the second vid - that was really good. Its good to see exactly what the customer sees etc... that has been a LONG time thank you for that.

    Id also like to say Im so grateful for getting rid of the old megga buggy chat system...

    Overall -this has been a giant leap forward ! ;)
    - Just need to get the question values UP now ;)

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    PQA looks great for the customer but is somewhat impractical for computer experts as we make use of Chrome and Firefox clipper extensions to input carefully crafted scripts / text with steps and images that no longer work in PQA.

    Could we have the option to toggle from PQA to the classic version so we don't have to paste the clipped text onto another page, spend time formatting it and have to copy and paste it onto PQA?

    Other than that it looks great.


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    Hey Anh Nguyen any chance that they will remove the peer conversations from the main page? This has cause negative effects ( ask quality).

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi @kazkillinger, if you are referring to the Peer Conversations view on the Questions List, then it should still be there for you.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi @h00c4, do you mind submitting a ticket and include examples of what you were able to do before in legacy that you cannot do in PQA now?

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    I wish I can tell if the customer is on line. All I see last time they viewed

    the question.

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi @GMman8085, thanks for the feedback. We'll add this as a feature request and let you know if it gets implemented.