A letter from the editor: Get ready to engage

By Anh Nguyen |

2015 has been an amazing, unconventional, constructive and wacky year for us. At the beginning of the year, the Expert Ops team was starting to take shape under the leadership of Emily Porter and Erik Knuppel. Both of whom many of you had the pleasure of working with. Along with Samantha Phillips, Lori Jones, Maria Castillo and all of the category moderators, the team had one goal in mind – give you the best possible platform, tools and support to help customers the best way you can.

By the time I joined this awesome team in March, the momentum was clear. For the first time, Experts Ops had a dedicated engineering team focused on building a platform with Expert needs in mind.  A new Expert Help Center was implemented to revamp self-help content and streamline Expert support. Internally, the team invested more energy into understanding Expert workflow and was empowered to voice Expert feedback to the rest of the company.

This is not to say that everything is now peaches and cream. Expert tools such as the Question List and PQA need improvement. As consumers of our platform tools, your feedback should be more included in product development. Expert support, no matter how good it already is, can always be better. And the mobile app, oh the mobile app.

I was tasked to lead Expert communications and community. That’s Silicon Valley speak for “make sure Experts know what we’re up to and encourage them to be more engaged.” In the first few months, we lifted our communication plan to include weekly product updates, new and updated self-help content, and transparent communications with feedback loops.

Today, I am thrilled to announce we are improving and expanding our communications and community plan to focus on engagement. This means we are making it our top priority to listen, collaborate, and enable conversations to elevate the Expert community.

What is engagement?

For the Expert community, we define engagement as dynamic and advantageous interactions with the site, team and fellow Experts. Site engagement means using the site to answer questions and help customers. Team engagement means sharing your feedback with us and helping us to improve the platform to better enable you to help customers. Finally, it’s important to treat fellow Experts with respect and help each other grow.

Experts Helping Experts

The truth is, the JustAnswer brand is strongly influenced by the Expert community. If we were to tell a story about the brand, Experts would be the co-authors because you are the ones providing services on the site to customers, and most of you do so on a daily basis. In recent months, I’ve reached out and crowdsourced Experts to share stories that would be useful for the community, such as the rating tips.

Building off from this momentum, I’d like to introduce Experts Helping Experts, a new program where Experts teach fellow Experts new skills, share expertise, discuss hot topics and get to know one another. With this program, Experts will have a forum to share articles, lead webinars and establish themselves as authorities for a variety of topics. To start, I’ve enlisted the help from a few Experts who will lead off the first round. Stay tuned for more information on the dates and topics led by these amazing Experts.

Want to volunteer to share your know-how and establish yourself as an authority in your field of expertise? Click on the link below and let us know!

Expert Calendar

Every business needs to constantly evolve and innovative in order to maintain success. It’s no different at JustAnswer. We continually test ways to improve site features, identify new services to meet customer demand, and build intuitive tools for Experts. This is why you often get test announcements from us. While we do our best to keep you in the loop, some announcements slip through email inboxes or test dates change due to unexpected issues.

I’d like to introduce the Expert Calendar, the single place to see upcoming tests and product releases, get information about each one and be notified of changes. Every item on the calendar will include additional information and option to give feedback or ask questions. The calendar will be placed on the homepage of the Expert Help Center for convenient access.

The calendar can also be used as a product road map. It will give you an idea of the enhancements and product updates we're pursuing. Below are a few examples of our product goals for this year.

The Experts Helping Experts program and Expert Calendar are just two examples of the engagement plan we hope to achieve this year. I look forward to working with the Expert community and helping drive success for both Experts and JustAnswer.


Anh Nguyen

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    I started out as a customer. Trying to find out fair costs to get my old KIA Sephia fixed - and found JustAnswer. WOWIE! I am now working as an Expert helping people with Computer issues. I am really enjoying myself, and getting to help people, and making a little money. You guys all Rock!