Your week-long PQA test has ended

By Anh Nguyen |

Your week-long PQA test is over! This test has taken us another step forward to improving the overall PQA experience. Using your feedback and usage data, we will be able to prioritize issues and make improvements that matter to you most.

This test was also the most successful test we've conducted. We encountered fewer bugs and was able to get more feedback on how to optimize the PQA workflow. During the test, we saw a spike in response rate (97% during PQA Test versus 96% the previous week) and a drop in response time (2 minutes faster during PQA test versus the previous week). That means more questions are being responded to, at a faster pace.

What's next?

While the test has ended, we ask that you continue to use PQA as often as you can. We know there are still existing issues and processes that could be optimized, but we are close to the finish line - thanks to you.

Please continue to send us your feedback and if you run into any issues, we're here to help.

JustAnswer Expert Operations

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