8 Ways Experts are Similar to Sharks

By Anh Nguyen |

We're big fans of sharks here at JustAnswer. So of course, we're excited about Shark Week.

With sharks on our minds, we thought about the Expert community and how sharks and Experts share VERY similar qualities. In honor of Shark Week, here are 8 ways we think Experts are just like sharks.

1. Experts are a very social bunch and according to a study by UK scientists, so are sharks.

2. Experts and sharks are both fast and efficient. The former at responding to questions and the latter at swimming.

3. There are 400 species of sharks. There are over 600 categories on JustAnswer.

4. Sharks have a complex social structure and found to exhibit teamwork. Experts are on JustAnswer to help and offer encouragement.

5. Like some Experts, certain species of sharks are more active at night.


6. Like Experts, sharks can seem intimidating and aggressive but most are not.

7. Like Experts, sharks are highly intelligent.

8. Sharks have a lateral line system that detects movements in the water. Experts have the expertise and experience to sense cues from customers.


How else are Experts similar to sharks? Share yours below!

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