Week in Review – June 26, 2015

By Anh Nguyen |

Every Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements and bug fixes, tips and questions from the Expert community, and preview the week ahead.

Latest Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Below are the latest enhancements and bug fixes for this week:

  • PQA loading issue for dual category questions: If the question was dual categorized and the Expert was not admitted to one of the categories, the question would not load for that Expert. This fix allows double-cat questions to load properly for Experts.
  • Auto-save in PQA text box: The text box in PQA now auto-saves so Experts will keep any text typed into the box.
  • PQA on mobile: The PQA now re-sizes on mobile devices so Experts could respond to questions. Note that this does not mean PQA is now optimized for mobile, rather this fix makes it easier for Experts to view and respond to questions on mobile.

Note:  If you still experience any of the issues above, let us know!

For the Community

There's a new way to report your technical issues with PQA. If you encounter an error while using PQA, click on the 'Report' link at the top right corner and clearly describe the issue you're having. A copy of your usage data, along with your description of the issue, will be submitted. The extra data will help us better troubleshoot.

For all other issues or questions, please continue to submit tickets via the Experts' Help Center.

Customer Compliments

At JustAnswer, our mission is simply 'We help people.' The 'We' is you, the AMAZING Expert community, and the teams here at JustAnswer. Together, we are making a difference in people's lives. Below are a few customer compliments we want to share with you:

"Tim (Airheatman), thank you for your patience. Because of you I was able to understand what was happening and felt comfortable in getting a tech to come out. He did exactly what you said needed to be done. Being in a town where everybody gouges you, I felt very good about knowing that I wasn't going to be taken advantage of. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Erica, Customer

"Wayne (StLouisWayne), you are my hero today. You were dead on. I had 4 wires that had to be repaired in the driver door jamb. Thank you sooo much! Now THIS is why I'm a JustAnswer customer. No B.S. form letters, just a good informative response from somebody who knows their stuff." - Chris, Customer

Coming Up Next Week

  • Key Takeaways from Quality Audit: A few months ago, we conducted a quality audit of the Expert community. We are excited to share some key takeaways with you.
  • Find Questions (PQL) Test: The Find Questions test continues next week.
  • Auto-Phone Call Test: The Auto-Phone Call Offer test continues next week.
  • More bug fixes!
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