What you need to know about the next Multiple Opinion test

By Anh Nguyen |

Multiple Opinions

Multiple Ways to Earn More Money

Customers often come to JustAnswer looking to get a second, third or even fourth opinion from Experts. And as an Expert, you've helped plenty of customers looking for second opinions.

Starting on Friday September 11th, we will start a Multiple Opinion test that will increase the number of questions available on the site and give you ways to earn more money.

What is "Multiple Opinion?"

"Multiple Opinions" allows customers to purchase answers from more than one Expert for the same question. This helps both customers and Experts – it gives customers the peace of mind of second opinions, and it gives Experts the opportunity to answer more questions.

What You Need to Know:

  • The test will start on Friday September 11th. We will notify you when it ends.
  • If a customer chooses to get answers from multiple Experts, that question will be posted twice in the Find Questions List with the phrase “Answers from Two Experts requested” prefixed before both questions.
  • Do NOT report a question with the stated prefix as a duplicate.
  • Experts will work independently to provide the best service to the customer.
  • Each question is independent and should be handled like a single unique question.
  • Each question is individually rated and you are credited for your own work, NOT how another Expert responded to the second question.
  • Each question will take place in a separate window, and the customer will receive separate emails and on-site notifications for each conversation.

Best Practices

Experts who take these questions are urged to be diplomatic if the customer talks about another Expert’s differing point of view. Instead of contradicting or saying anything negative about another Expert’s answer, it’s best to use phrases like “That is another way to look at it” or “It’s good to get different perspectives and decide what is best for you.”

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