PQA Test Starting on July 20th - Here's What You Need To Know

By Anh Nguyen |

Hi Experts,

With your help, we've been able to improve the PQA experience tremendously. We logged every issue reported by you and worked closely with the Development team to prioritize your most important issues. We also spent hours conducting one-on-one usability sessions with some of the most active Experts to learn about your workflow and understand your pain points.

We know there are still issues with PQA but thanks to you, we've been able to fix many of them since the last PQA test in May:

'Customer requested you' icon: We've corrected the behavior of the ‘Customer requested you’ icon to act as intended.
Loading issue with PQA: PQA no longer hangs when locking a question.
Lock for second Expert in PQA: After the first Expert opts out of a question in PQA, a second Expert now able to lock the question.
Auto-switching questions in PQA: If an Expert responds within the first minute of lock, Lock Timer will no longer change questions in PQA.
Sharing private contact info: Experts and customers are now able to exchange private contact info in PQA without filter.
Agree alert: The Agree alert is now showing in PQA.
Question values in PQA: A fix is now in place to show the correct question values in PQA.
Customer opt out issue in PQA: We fixed a defect in PQA when Expert was getting errors when sending response after customer opted out and requested new expert.
Lock timer issue in PQA: We fixed an issue in PQA where lock timer starts with less time than intended.
Inconsistent lock timer in PQA: The lock timer in PQA was showing inconsistent lock times. This issue has been fixed.
Priority Question issue in PQA: We fixed an issue in PQA when Priority Questions were interrupting current questions.
Privacy filtering issue in PQA: We corrected some privacy filtering issue on the Question subject in PQL.
Alert flag in PQA: The alert flag in PQA is now shown next to Expert responses.
Priority Question restrictions: Removed restrictions for Expert when replying to non-priority question when a priority question comes in.
Second Expert response in PQA: Fixed a bug in PQA where a second Expert can answer a question when a customer rated the first Expert negatively and request to change Expert.
Copy/Paste from Word to PQA: Experts should now be able to copy and paste from Microsoft Word to PQA without formatting issues.
Auto-relock while typing in PQA: We implemented a feature that would re-lock a question automatically if Expert is typing and Lock timer has 30 seconds left.
Question value on PQA: the question value displayed on PQA wasn't updating when admin adjusted the question value from the admin site. It was updating in PQL, but not PQA. Now it's updating properly in both tools.
No more TBB: Time-Based Billing is turned off.
PQA Auto-lock: Fixed a bug where the auto re-lock was working in the background even though an Expert is locked and working in another question. Due to that background Lock, Expert would be locked out of the current question when the Lock on another question is re-instated.
PQA loading issue for dual category questions: If the question was dual categorized and the Expert was not admitted to one of the categories, the question would not load for that Expert. This fix allows double-cat questions to load properly for Experts.
Auto-save in PQA text box: The text box in PQA now auto-saves so Experts will keep any text typed into the box.
PQA on mobile: The PQA now re-sizes on mobile devices so Experts could respond to questions. Note that this does not mean PQA is now optimized for mobile, rather this fix makes it easier for Experts to view and respond to questions on mobile.
PQA Lock Timer: Questions opened in PQA will show the correct initial lock timer.
PQA Null Defect: A fix is now in place for some questions with null question ID. This used to cause entire Expert's response to disappear.
Remove from list: The "Remove from list" link in PQA was causing loading issues for some Experts. The link now releases the lock on the question.
Dual-catted questions: Dual-catted questions now have correct payout value in cases when Expert has non-standard payout rate.
"More" button in PQA: Fixed issue with "More" button for optional details, which appears if customer provides additional information that doesn't fit in the allocated area at the top of PQA.


Our team has been running PQA tests of our own but to quote the soulful Marvin Gaye, "ain't nothing like the real thing." Once again, we need your help to test PQA and get real usage data. Usage data is one of the most important feedback mechanisms we look at to measure stress on our servers and understand how PQA is being used in the real world.

Starting on Monday July 20th, we will start a week-long test of PQA. For most of you, not much will change because you've already been using PQA. With this test, we want to try something different.

What you need to know

  1. Start using PQA today and share your questions with us.
  2. Your questions may already have been answered in the PQA Overview and PQA FAQs, so please take a look at the content.
  3. We will do our best to respond to all questions and if necessary, troubleshoot issues you may have prior to the start of the test.
  4. On Monday 7/20, you will only have the option to open and respond to questions in PQA. There will be no option to switch to Legacy Q&A.
  5. The test will run until Monday, 7/27.
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