Week in Review – April 17, 2015

By Anh Nguyen |

very Friday, the Expert Ops team will recap the latest enhancements and bug fixes, tips and questions from the Expert community, and preview what’s happening in the following week.

Latest Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Some messages were not visible when switching from Legacy Q&A to PQA. FIXED
TBB Timer on PQA is shown and running for customers who are using Legacy Q&A pages. FIXED

If you still experience any of the issues above, let us know at

Question from the Expert Community

PictureSince you rolled out the PQA, you have been using several acronyms that have not been defined anywhere outside of the software development department.” -Joel, JA Tech Expert since 2013

Joel brought up a really good point. At JustAnswer, we use a lot of acronyms. For example, we often advise you to find all of your TBB and Legacy Q&A questions on the PQL, give fantastic answers using PQA, and offer AS to your customers to earn an automatic PR.

If you’re not exactly sure what you just read, we got you covered! Visit the new Site Glossary to learn all of the terminology and acronyms used by JustAnswer and the Expert community.

Coming Up Next Week

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