Quality Audit 2015: Top Experts, Key Takeaways and Expert Insights

By Anh Nguyen |

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “audit?” You might picture a bunch of accountants crunching numbers or maybe a few outsiders telling you what you’re doing wrong. Office Space, anyone? For JustAnswer, it’s an opportunity for us to help the Expert community deliver on our brand values.

So surprise! A few months ago, we conducted a quality audit of the Expert community in order to evaluate Expert quality and identify areas for improvement. How did we do this? We reviewed and evaluated over 3,000 randomly selected questions from over 200 high-volume Experts.

We're excited to share some key takeaways with you and we invited some of the top Experts to share insights on what make them great.

The Field

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What did we evaluate?

Below are some of the qualities we evaluated. These are qualities that customers value most. Note that we did NOT evaluate the accuracy of your responses.

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Best and worst

After reviewing over 3,000 questions, we were able to identify qualities Experts excel at and qualities that could use some improvement.

We are thrill to find out that Experts scored best at showing empathy and care. Compassion, empathy and care have always been our core values because they help build trust between customer and Experts. We asked a few Experts to share why it's important to demonstrate compassion with customers.

"Many customers who ask questions are also experiencing stress and anxiety. Acknowledgement of their emotions can be quite powerful, I think, in creating a bond between the customer and expert," says Deborah, Veterinary Expert.

Jess, Tech Expert, adds "I believe that when you successfully show the customer that you care, it will build up trust. It's helpful to look from the customer's perspective and whenever possible, relate their problems to your own experience."

Jane, Pet Expert, shares, "I pay attention to the vocabulary such as frustrated, patient, and how much time the customer has spent on the current problem."

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On the flip side, Experts could use some help with their profile photos. "A high quality profile picture is more important than one might think," says Gerald, Law Expert. "People want to connect with whoever they are dealing with and a good quality head shot helps build that connection."

Your profile photo is one of the most important elements of your JustAnswer presence. When you respond to customers, one of the first things they see, even before your response, is your profile photo. Therefore, a good profile photo makes a good first impression and initiates trust.

What makes a good profile photo? Deborah offers this, "For me, what constitutes a "good profile photo" is one which should communicate professionalism, trustworthiness, experience, friendliness, and approachability."

If you'd like to get some feedback on your profile photo, we recommend using PhotoFeeler.

Top Experts

This audit was manual yet rewarding exercise that allowed us to evaluate Experts on a qualitative level. While all of the Experts that we evaluated are already top-ranked based on question volume, our auditors sized up their favorite Experts based on the qualities listed above.

Join us in congratulating the following Experts for topping the charts.

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Expert Insights

We asked some of the top Experts, according the quality audit, to share their insights on the different qualities that we evaluated. Here's what they had to say.

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Click here to download the full infographic of the 2015 quality audit.

Got some insights or tips of your own? Share it with us below.

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