Active Requests - Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

Answering Requests

Troubleshooting Issues

The Basics


The ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is an all-in-one interface that allows you to manage and respond to multiple requests, and offer premium services. It works with all types of requests.

Which OS and browsers work best with ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is optimized for Windows OS and Chrome browser. However, we also support ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE on Firefox, iOS with Chrome or Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11. ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is not optimized for Internet Explorer older than v11 or Safari and we strongly recommend that you install Chrome for your computer to avoid any potential issues. To prevent interruptions in your workflow, please use Chrome or Firefox, and avoid Internet Explorer older than v11 and Safari.

Which devices work best with ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE works best on a laptop or desktop computer. Currently, ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is not optimized for mobile or tablet but it is in the works. If you must use ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE on a mobile or tablet device, we suggest that you hide the My Requests sidebar so that the customer’s request and your response are focused on the screen, making it easier to answer requests.

What are the minimum and recommended system specifications for ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

What type of requests can I answer using ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE was built for Experts to manage and answer all request types on one interface.

Where can I find the value of a request?

You can find the value of a request at the top of ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE in the Request Details section.

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How do I know if a customer has viewed my response?

You can see if and when the customer last viewed a request in the Request Details section.

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Do I need to refresh the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE to see updates in real-time?

No! You only need to have the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE opened in one window/tab. All of your active questions are listed on the left-side panel and will update in real-time. We recommend that you do NOT refresh the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE often because it will require it to reload all of your active questions again. This will cause the page to lag and may slow the performance of it down for you.

Are there keyboard shortcuts available?

Yes! To make it more convenient for you to use the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE, we've added the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Use Ctrl+Enter to send a response
  • Use Ctrl+L to lock a question
  • Use Ctrl+K to unlock a question

Answering Requests

How do I paste into the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

To paste in the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE, left-click into your response textbox and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste.

ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE currently does not support the right-click paste option. If you are pasting information from a Word document, you may see styling codes when pasting into ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE. To prevent this, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V instead.

How do I edit my response?

To edit a response, click on the blue pencil and square icon on the right side of your message in the conversation box. Keep in mind that this feature is only available in Q&A and you can only edit your latest response.

How do I insert a link in my response?

To insert a link, click on the chain link icon on the toolbar.

How do I attach a document?

To attach documents to your response, click on the paperclip icon on the toolbar. You will be prompted with a windows browser to select the file you wish to attach. After the selected file has fully uploaded, click the Ok button to return to your message. The paper clip icon will be green as a reminder that you have an attachment selected to send to the customer. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Is spell check available?

Spell check in ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is now dynamic, similar to Microsoft Word. If you type a word the editor doesn’t recognize, it will include a red line underneath and you can right click for spelling suggestions.

How do I create intros and signatures?

Intros and signatures are currently not available in ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE but could be available in the future. Stay tuned!

How do I remove a request from the My Requests sidebar?

There are two ways to remove a request from the My Requests sidebar in ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE. On the Request Details, you can click on the "Remove" or "Opt Out" link. The "Remove" is used to remove a request from the sidebar if you've not submitted a response. Unlock from the request and then click on "Remove." If you've already responded to the request and decide you no longer want to help the customer, you can select the "Opt Out" option, which will open the request to other Experts and increase the value of the request.

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How do I close a request?

After you're done helping a customer and received a positive rating, you can close the request by clicking on the Close link at the top right corner of the page.

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How do I let the customer know that an answer has been given and I'm ready to be rated?

When you're ready to send an answer to the customer and would like to be rated, check the "Answer" checkbox. The customer will be notified on their screen and with an email notification that an answer has been provided and you're ready to be rated.


Troubleshooting Issues

The ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE gets stuck or takes awhile to load. Is there anything I can do to improve its performance?

We've found that the number one cause of load issues is when Experts open and close ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE for every request. ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE is built to handle multiple requests in one tab. For the best experience, we recommend:

  1. Open the Request Center
  2. Click the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE link to go to a request page
  3. Reply to the customer
  4. Keep the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE tab open in your browser
  5. Go to the already opened Request Center tab in your browser
  6. Click the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE link on a new request
  7. The ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE page loads fine

Don't close the ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE between requests. Have two tabs open: Find Requests and ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE. Once you have 10-12 requests open, it might start locking up. Then you can close it and relaunch it on the next request.

What do my customers see when I interact with them in ACTIVE REQUEST PAGE?

In general, the customer’s experience using JustAnswer remains the same. However, it may be useful to get an idea of what your customers see based on your actions. Here is a side-by-side view:

Why can't I click on the Send button?

Double check to make sure that you are locked into the request by clicking on the Lock button.

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