Site Glossary

JA Quality

Active Request Page

  • The Active Request Page is an all-in-one interface that allows Experts to manage and respond to a customer's question, offer Premium Serivices, and access previous questions they've replied to.


  • A reply that contains any portion of an answer to the customer's question; the Expert checks the "Answer" or "Completed" box as soon as they post an answer.

Answer Earnings Report


  • Expert Help Center (see below)

Expert Help Center 

  • The Expert Help Center  is a self-help platform with how-to articles, demos,  and an option to submit  to Expert Support any technical support tickets or inquiries you have

Information Request 

  • An Expert's reply is a request for clarification or more information. It contains no portion of an answer. The response should be marked as "Send" (Not completed)


  • An Information Request (see above)

Premium Services

  • A Premium Service type of offer that allows Experts to go beyond the regular Q&A and provide additional help for customers via phone, video chat, secure remote assistance and other services agreed to by the customer.

Request Center

  • The Request Center the main destination for Experts to find new questions, standalone premium service requests, and more.


  • Request Center (see above)