Site Glossary

By Maria Castillo |

Active Request Page

  • The Active Request Page is an all-in-one interface that allows Experts to manage and respond to a cusotmer's question, offer Premium Serivices, and access previous questions they've replied to.


  • A reply that contains any portion of an answer to the customer's question; the Expert checks the "Answer" box as soon as they post any portion of an answer so that if that helps,  the customer can rate when they're ready.

Answer Earnings Report


  • Expert Help Center (see below)

Expert Help Center 

  • The Expert Help Center  is a self-help platform with how-to articles, demos,  and an option to submit  to Expert Support any technical support tickets or inquiries you have

Information Request 

  • An Expert's reply which is a request for clarification or more information. It contains no portion of an answer


  • An Information Request (see above)

No-Click Rating

  • A No-Click Rating  is a procedure where Experts' Moderators process a rating on behalf of a satisfied customer in the event they don't rate on their own.


  • A No-click Rating (see above)

Payment Page

  • The Payment Page is where the Expert states how they want their earnings transferred to their PayPal account each month. 

Premium Services

  • A Premium Service type of offer that allows Experts to go beyond the regular Q&A and provide additional help for customers via phone, video chat, secure remote assistance and other services agreed to by the customer.

Request Center

  • The Request Center the main destination for Experts to find new questions, standalone premium service requests, and more.


  • Request Center (see above)


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