Categories That Do Not Allow Member Questions

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The following categories do not allow for Requests from members and should be avoided by Experts. If Experts answer these Requests, they may not receive monetary credit.

  • Homework categories and subcategories
  • Mental Health
  • Programming

How do I know if the Request is from a member?

  • Member Requests are denoted with the word "Subscriber" or "Subscription" on the Request Center
  • The Customer's username may also have an asterisk next to it on the Request page

Exception to the rule

If a member Request in Mental Health or Programming categories has an “OKXXXXX” code in the title, it may be answered.

What to do when Experts encounter these types of Requests?

Experts can report member Requests in the restricted categories by sending a “Send to Category Mod” report located in the Report drop-down menu on a Request page.

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