Guide to the Customer Reports

By Anh Nguyen |

The Customer Reports are located by clicking the red flag on the upper right corner of a customer’s Request (question page).  


Here is description of when each of these customer reports would be used by an Expert: 

“Best of” JA – Experts can report Customer Requests where an Expert has had an outstanding interaction with a customer or where a customer has had a great experience on the site and is extremely satisfied with their Expert.  These Requests are collected and considered for marketing and motivational efforts.

Customer Service/Refunds -   If an Expert comes across a Request that should be directed to the customer service team (the customer requests a refund, they have a problem with the site, their account, their payment, etc.), they can select this report. The Request will be locked and closed, and the report will be sent to the appropriate team which will investigate and seek a resolution.  If applicable, the Request will be reopened when the report is addressed. NOTE: When you used the cs/refund report, you locked the page so no one else can respond. Please save that for when the customer initiates a refund request, or when the issue is so urgent that the customer cannot continue without Customer Service intervention.

Duplicate Question – When Experts come across a duplicate Request, they can report one of them. This action may close the duplicate page,  and a customer service representative will investigate and redirect the customer to their original page.   This report is also used when a customer posts a follow-up as a new Request instead of posting the follow-up on their original Request.  

Instructions: The question you are reporting as a duplicate will be listed as the "current question" at the bottom of the Duplicate report. The customer's other open questions are listed there as well.  Highlight the original question link listed at the bottom of the Duplicate report, copy it, and paste it into the URL field at the top of the report. NOTE:  Do not copy the link of the original question from your browser's address bar -- use only the link provided at the bottom of the Duplicate report. Type the word "duplicate" in the comments section, and click "Submit Report."

NOTE: Do not post to known duplicates, even to tell the customer it's a duplicate. If you cannot use the duplicate report because you did post before realizing, or because the customer posted their own reply, and the system thinks it's an Expert reply, you can use the Customer Service/Refund report to report it as a duplicate. Never use this report if another Expert has replied (the duplicate report doesn't work in this case either, and that is intentional). 

Miscategorized – Sometimes a Request is posted in the wrong category. For example, if a homework-related question posts in the Legal category, it may not be replied to in that category and instead must be moved to a Homework-related category so it can be replied to by an Expert verified to answer homework questions. To get the Request to the correct category, an Expert can use the Miscategorized Report. 

Open Question -  Occasionally an answer may take time to research (a Genealogy Expert, for example, may need to contact a foreign country to get the information the customer is seeking). If the Request times out before the Expert can reply back with the answer, the Expert can use this report to ask that the page be reopened once they are in receipt of the needed information. 

Personal Info - When Experts come across Requests where a customer has posted personal or identifying information, they can use this report to alert customer service so it can be removed. 

Send to Category Mod

  • Customer appears to have a history of not accepting answers - This report is used when a customer has not rated previous answers on multiple Requests.  The customer's account will be researched and evaluated, and any necessary action will be taken.   
  • No Experts of this specialty are available - This report is used when there are no Experts on the site with the expertise to answer the Request.
  • Unable to answer online - When the customer is either looking for a service that can't be provided on the JustAnswer platform, believes they are seeking support for a service from another company, or other variations when no Experts are able to answer the Request. 

Suicidal Customer -  If your customer indicates they are suicidal, use this report to bring it to Customer Service's attention. 

Underpriced - When Experts come across Requests that they are unwilling to answer because they believe it is underpriced, the Experts should use this report and the Customer Service team will reach out to the customer and encourage them to increase the price. 


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