Premium Service Example: Odd Hour Phone Calls

By Christine |

If you’re looking for more work, look no further than Premium Services.  Something as simple as offering your phone availability at odd hours can have immense value to customers and help you increase your earnings potential by up to $250 extra per question.

Take Megan, a Certified Public Accountant who has seen what Premium Services can do. Megan had tried out the Premium Services, sending a few offers here and there, but wasn’t finding traction. Then, she happened to be online answering questions late on a Sunday, and found her niche.

Megan offered a phone call on a Sunday evening, and since most CPAs follow traditional hours, the offer to be available thrilled her customer. Megan was pleasantly surprised to find that this approach worked.

One thing she loved about the service is that she could talk to a CPA at any time, any day, whenever she needed to.  It is those kind of customers we should target, the ones that need assistance during non-traditional business hours.

“It was midnight my time,” she told me, “And California is two hours behind so it was 10 at night for my customer. She was worried about an audit, asked a question, and I gave her my Premium Services offer and she took it. That first call was $60, and I talked to her two nights on that pay.”

Respectfully asking the customer to pay again

Megan ran into a tricky situation we like to call scope creep. In other words, scope creep happens when you think you’re getting paid for one hour of work and end up doing two, or three, or more. She continued, “After that, I respectfully asked that she ask another question and accept another offer to continue speaking on the phone – she accepted and that was another $60. Then, last night she asked another question and I told her that I would do a call for $20 since it was an easy question, and we spoke last night for maybe 10 minutes.”

Don’t be afraid to respectfully request that the customer ask another question like Megan did in the example above. Megan’s approach may work for many experts who work in industries that operate on “normal” hours – give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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