Premium Service Example - Phone Call in Law Category

By Christine |

If you’re looking to deliver a complete, effective solution, look no further than Premium Services. Something as simple as offering your ear and expertise in a phone conversation can earn you an extra $200 per question. For Judith, the added benefit was saving time when answering the customer’s many questions.

Judith is a successful immigration lawyer who has actively used JustAnswer to provide customers with legal information for more than five years. Though she’s historically made the most of the Q&A format, Premium Services gave her a new opportunity to help someone who was extremely embarrassed about legal issues. Judith said that the phone call helped him feel more comfortable sharing confidential information.

After a quick, introductory correspondence through Q&A, Judith quickly identified and explained the complexity of the situation which prompted the customer to ask for a phone call.

I was so pleased to be able to offer a telephone discussion with a customer the first week Premium Services rolled out and have the $200 offer accepted. The customer had a very complicated and high stakes issue and didn’t feel comfortable meeting with an in-person lawyer. It had serious elements which dated back 20 years.

Experienced in speaking with people in need of legal information, Judith was able to quickly and effectively understand all of the hurdles that the customer was facing and lend a wise ear – something that would have taken a great deal of time through a written Q&A session.

Remembering the human element

In addition to the efficiency, the magic in Judith’s solution lies in something we refer to as the ‘human element.’  The human element refers to an interpersonal connection that helps us to remember that both parties are actually real people with feelings. In a situation like this, the human element is a powerful tool for helping extract major details that a customer might not feel comfortable exposing in an extensive, online discussion.

She noted the importance in being a good listener, even when unable to fix the actual problem:

Although the ultimate bottom line precluded total resolution for him, there was obvious relief in him being able to discuss this in total anonymity and unload this burden.

Crediting Premium Services for giving her a more direct support channel, Judith confirmed that she never would have been able to provide relief through the standard Q&A. Despite the fact that she was unable to provide an actual solution, she was thrilled to give information to someone in need. Her customer was also pleased with her service.

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    On Friday I tried to offer a customer the additional phone call 2x, and she was not able to see or find it. She was trying to accept it, but could not find the offer or an accept button. Can you please give me some info on how it is supposed to work for the customer? If I know what happens for them, I can tell them where to look in the future. It's a great idea. Since I am an attorney discussing criminal law issues, I'm very worried about privacy in the online chat area so some things have to be by phone for me. Thank you! And one more question - I'm trying to figure out how to get approved for other categories (I'm a civil and criminal litigation attorney with 17 years exp). I could not figure out how to make the request, so I started a whole new application as an expert for the other categories. Will you be able to connect the two as me? Thank you! good work. your service is way better than when I looked at it in 2012. - chris dort

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi Chris, I am forwarding your questions onto Lori and Maria. They will get back to you soon!