Peer Reporting Policy

By Christine |

Quality Reporting Policy 

The purpose of this policy is to guide all Experts in reporting poor quality answers, as well as defining poor quality versus minor quality issues.  In doing so, we maintain a high level of professional ethics and integrity, and prevent customers from receiving dangerous or incomplete answers.  

This policy applies to all Experts, regardless of status or category. 

poor quality answer is strictly defined as: 

  • Dangerous and/or outright wrong 
  • Materially inaccurate (includes an error or overlooked detail that could change the answer significantly) 

minor quality answer issue is defined as: 

  • A disagreement on what an answer should be, when both versions have merit 

Procedure for reporting poor quality answers 

In 10/21/16, JustAnswer began using a new Peer-Review reporting system for policy issues and poor quality answers. 

In an effort to streamline the process and make sure we address issues in the most efficient manner, we request that you use the "submit a request" feature in the Expert Help Center to let us know when something needs attention. 

Instead of using the red flag to the right of an Expert's reply to report the traditional policy issues (buzzing, rudeness, etc.) and poor quality answers, you will now find a "Peer-Review" option in the drop-down menu on the submit a request form in the Expert Help Center:   


Please use this option for anything you need to report concerning another Expert. It will send us a ticket just like any other request.  

You will receive an auto-reply email to let you know that your report has been received, and we'll reach out to you if we have any questions or need clarification. Note: if we have enough info in the report to address the issue, we will not respond. 

We ask that you type “Peer Review” as the subject. 

Please include the following in the "Description" field: 

  1. Link to the question page 
  2. Policy issue or what you believe to be wrong with the answer.
  3. Please include a quote for policy issue or correct answer for poor quality answer when possible for clarity's sake.



To ensure the good-faith submission of negative peer-review reports, JustAnswer may utilize a panel of your category peers to view and comment on negative peer reviews. Peer report reviews are performed at JustAnswer's discretion and typically result from submission of excessive negative peer reports. If the panel finds that an excessive number of unfounded peer-review reports have been filed by an Expert, the Expert in question may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension from being able to submit peer-review reports (being "benched"), temporary account suspension, or, in extreme circumstances, account termination.

JustAnswer thanks you for all your help with quality improvements on the site and we appreciate when you let us know if there is an area of opportunity to improve quality. 

*Please note that all communications must be made via the new Expert Help Center. Unsolicited communications with a single JustAnswer employee, Expert Moderator, Category Moderator or other representatives are discouraged. It helps us maintain parity and track requests. Thank you.  


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