Opt Out Tool - Opting out of Answering a Question

By Christine |

The "opt out" tool is designed for Experts who are actively assisting a customer in a written correspondence on the question page, but they've reached a point where they're unable to continue assisting the customer because they're out of ideas on how to help. 

When to opt out:

  • Opt out only if you've exhausted all of your ideas to help but your customer still needs assistance. This will open the question to other Experts so they can take a look and attempt to provide a different answer.  Opting out means you have no intent to continue assisting the customer, and you're turning the question over to all other Experts. 

When NOT to opt out:

  • Don't opt out simply because the customer is not replying to you. Instead, just leave the question as-is and move on to another customer. When the customer later replies, you'll have first shot at it, and if you're not around or can't follow-up, the customer will have the option to open the question to other Experts. The question will time out and close on its own within 7 days if there is no reply or rating. 
  • Don't opt out if the customer is asking for a refund.  If you opt out, you're placing the question back on the open question list for all other Experts to see as available and open, and they'll spend time reading through it, as they think it's a customer who needs Expert assistance. The customer doesn't need an Expert at this point, they need Customer Service, so instead of opting out, you can post a reply to the page to let your customer know you'll alert Customer Service as to their refund request, then go back to the page and select the red flag in the upper right corner of the question page to do that. The question page will lock and close, and customer service will take it from there to try to resolve any concerns.

How to opt out and open the question to other Experts:

Post a final courtesy post to the question page to alert the customer that you're out of ideas and are opening the question to all available Experts.  Then go back to the page and click the Opt Out link in the upper right corner of the Active Request page. The page will open up on the Request Center for all available Experts. 

If you have any questions about this feature, feel free to reach out to Expert Support by clicking the red Submit an Inquiry button above. 

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    When i opt out of a question. "Experts will see a list of online Experts",
    Well i have noticed on the Pro Q&A chat this does not work .
    I would like the option of referring another capable expert when i opt out of a question .

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi indy-tech: This content needs to be updated, but the feature you are referring to is currently not available in PQA. I'll make a note of your request. Thank you.

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    How do we "alert other Experts that it's open to answer?"

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    Anh Nguyen

    Hi ymjack: Once you opt out, the question will be re-listed to the Request Center for other Experts to respond to.

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    I don't have the Opt out showing?